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 Hi! my name is Om Bhardwaj, and I'm so happy you're reading this post! 

Who am I?

As I have mentioned above my name is Om BhardwajIndia. I want to help you to improve your financial situation and knowledge so that you can get financial freedom. 

Earlier I am always searching for money-making ideas, and trust me the majority of the methods were just a scam. I don't want you also waste your time that's why I created  Getmoneymind. At Getmoneymind, I only share legit ways to improve your situation.

Before going further I want to clear something.

I'm not a CPA or a professional financial advisor. I'm just a normal guy who is going through the learning process just like you. 

My mission with Getmoneymind

I want to increase your financial knowledge so you don't have to worry about money, and you can enjoy your life with your family.  

Every person has a different problem one wants to make money, one wants to save money. But if you want to live happily then you should know these 3 skills

Making money, Saving money and the last one is Investing money. 

You don't have to go anywhere I will teach you these 3 skills, just stick with me I will share my experience and knowledge to increase your financial knowledge. 

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