10 legit work from home jobs that pay well

Lost your job in this pandemic? or looking for new jobs then work from home jobs are the best options to start your new job. 

Work from home jobs are new normal, some people do this job as a part-time job while some people do this as a full-time job. 

If you are a parent and want to stay at home with your children's then work from home jobs is one of the best option. 

The work from home jobs that I have listed here are high paying and legit, you don't have to worry about it. 

Just like everyone has some drawbacks and some advantages these work-from-home jobs have some limitations and benefits. Let's talk about it first! 

10 Legit work from home jobs

Advantages of work from home

Here are some advantages 

  • Location freedom: You don't have to go anywhere to work, just set your workplace and start working. 
  • Save money: As I mentioned above that you don't have to go office, so you will save money. 

  • Flexible schedule: Some jobs that I have mentioned here give you a flexible schedule so you can work whenever you want!

  • Less chance to be ill: As you will work from your home so you will not go outside and hence the chance of being ill is very less. 

Disadvantages of work from home

Here are some disadvantages

  • Lack of teamwork: As you work alone so you will not get any help from your seniors and you can't work with your workmates!

  • Distraction: If your child is small and you live in a noisy place then you may distract frequently and you can't be productive!

15 work from home jobs in 2021

1. Become a Blogger

Blogging is one of the best work from home jobs, that you can do! Not everyone likes Blogging because you have to write and not everyone likes writing. 

Blogging can generate passive income but you have to keep patience and you have to work hard to generate that income. So Blogging is not a quick way to become rich but once your blog starts getting the traffic you will make money even when you are sleeping. 

There are 4 easy steps that you have to complete to start a new blog

  • Set your blog name: The first step is to choose your blog name, take time and decide a unique name. You can take help from many tools available on the internet.

  • Choose your blog niche: You have to decide your niche(topic), I suggest you choose your niche according to your favorite topic, or you can choose a low competition niche. 

  • Choose your blogging platform: You have to choose your blogging platform where you will build your blog. Some of them are BloggerWordPressWix
  • Write your first blog post: Once you built your blog, you have to write your first blog post to start your blogging journey. 
So these are 4 easy steps but there are many more things that you have to learn to become a successful blogger.  

2. Transcription

Transcription job is increasing rapidly, many YouTubers and big companies are always in search of transcriptionist. Transcriptionists turn video/audio into text format. 

You must have good attention and your typing speed must be good, you can start doing this even with no experience. I suggest you learn all the basics of transcription first and when your learning period is over you can start making money. 

You can become a freelance transcriptionist or you can join any company as an employee. The transcription job is in high demand, and if you are a good transcriptionist, you can earn up to 1500$ per month!

Learn all the basics of transcription with the help of this course How to Become a Transcriptionist?

3. Become an online tutor

Do you love teaching kids and if you think you can teach students in a good manner, then you can become an online tutor! 

Online tutoring jobs are increasing fastly, and with the help of technology, you can teach students from all around the world. You can teach students from your home so you don't have to go anywhere to teach. 

You can earn 15$- 20$ per hour, this number can be increased and decrease your pay rates decide on various factors. 

There are many websites that connect online tutors and students, each website requires different qualification, some website doesn't want any qualification while some websites want both experience and qualification.

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4. Proofreader

Do you easily find grammar mistakes? and you are a grammar expert then you should become a proofreader. 

The proofreader's job is to review a document and to correct mistakes like spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. Proofreading is the last part of the editorial process before printing. 

On average, a proofreader earns 500$ to 1500$ every month! There are many courses available on the internet but in my opinion, you should take the course of Caitlin Pyle who is a proofreader since 2007. 

Proofreading course

Attend her webinar where she teaches you many things about proofreading. 

5. Take paid surveys

Want to use your free time then you should start taking paid surveys. Paid survey is one of the best and easiest ways to make some extra money in your free time.

You don't need any experience or any degree to take paid surveys, you can easily earn 200$ to 300$ every month. Unfortunately, you cannot manage your all-expense with this job. 

However, you can do this job as a part-time job and can earn extra bucks. There are many websites that pay you to take surveys. 

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6. Create Youtube videos

Youtube creators are increasing very fastly and thus competition is also increasing rapidly. Youtube is also like blogging but here you have to speak and there you have to write. 

Many YouTubers are making money and many YouTubers are making so much money. Again you will not get success quickly, you have to be consistent and you have to keep patience to get success. 

Choose your niche and start giving knowledge and quality content to your viewers, make sure your voice should be clear, and edit your videos wonderfully you can take the help of many free editing software. 

Remember always upload original content on your channel, and try to write attractive thumbnails, so that people see your videos on a large scale.

Once your channel is eligible to monetize you can apply for google AdSense for your channel and when they approve you will start making money! 

7. Online translator

Do you have full command in two or more languages? If your answer is yes then you can become an online translator. 

You just have to choose your languages it can be any language like Spanish, Hindi, German, Punjabi, etc. You can become a freelance translator, however, many companies are always in search of good translators. 

There is a website which I recommend to all people who want to become a translator and that is proz there are numerous jobs available on their site so go and register yourself and start applying for the job. 

If you can translate medical and law documents then you can earn more money. 

8. Customer Care representative

As a customer care representative, your job is to solve customer queries, you have to polite with clients and you have to solve their questions quickly.

You can give chat support and as well as call support however call support representative earns more than a chat support representative. You can find many jobs of customer representatives on different job portals. 

On average Customer care representative makes 200$ to 500$ every month. 

9. Become a Freelancer

Freelance is one of the best and legit ways to make money from home. A freelancer is one who works on contract for companies or for individuals. Eventually, They are self-employed! 

Freelancer job is increasing rapidly and if you have any skill then become a freelancer. You have to set your own charge and remember you will be charged on the terms of the hour. 

You have to give information to the recruiter that how many hours you will work every week and once the work is complete you will get paid. 

There are many freelance websites where you can register as a freelancer, here are some websites that I recommend;

10. Test websites and Softwares

As a tester, you have to test apps, websites, and the latest software products. Companies pay you to test their newly built app and websites. 

Once you complete the test you have to write a full review about your experience and when you submit your review they pay you.  

Based on my experience most companies give 10$ to 15$ for doing the single test, some companies may give up to 20$. The most test completes in 15-20 minutes. 

There are many websites that connect companies(who are in search of testers) and testers every website has different rules so register according to your comfort. 

Here are some websites that I suggest;

These are few websites that I suggest but when you will search, you will know about more websites. 

Conclusion: Work from home jobs

So here are 10 work from home jobs that you can do without going anywhere, you just have to work hard and you will start getting results. 

Don't think these are the only work-from-home jobs that anyone can do, there are many more jobs available on the internet, but you have to find them. 

Do you know about any other jobs that people can do from their home then don't forget to write in the comment section! 

If this blog post helps you to find a new job then share it with your friends and your loved ones!