12 best PayPal Earning Apps in 2021

Are you looking for the best PayPal earning app? then you should definitely read this blog post. PayPal is one of the biggest fintech companies, their service is available in most countries. 

There are many apps and websites that pay you through PayPal, but some are genuine while some of them are just a scam. These apps will not make you rich but this is the perfect method to use your leisure time. 

Some apps pay you in giftcards and in various vouchers, while some apps pay you in cash and some apps pay you in both. You can choose your apps according to your favorite rewards. 

To get payment in your PayPal account you have to create a business account where you can receive money, Keep in mind you can't receive money in an individual account. 

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12 best PayPal Earning apps in 2021

1. Swagbucks 

Without any doubt, Swagbucks is one of the best PayPal earning app. Swagbucks, pay you for doing a small task like completing surveys, watching videos, shopping online, playing games, and searching the web. 

Swagbucks, pay you most for completing surveys and for shopping online. You can install a swag button on your desktop to get rewards every time you shop online. 

You can download their app to use on your mobile, however, if you want to use their all features you have to use Swagbucks on your Desktop. You can also earn points for referring friends. 

Swagbucks pay you 'SB' points every time you complete a task, you can redeem these SB points in your Paypal account and various gift cards. Their minimum withdrawal for PayPal is 10$. 

Availability: Swagbucks is available in most countries like India, U.S, Canada, Australia. They are available in Asia, Europe, and America but they are looking to launch their service in Africa also. 

2. Google opinion rewards 

Google's opinion reward is owned by Google, Google is putting their door in every sector, don't be surprised if one day Google introduces a new sector that we can't even imagine now!

Google opinion rewards is a free app that pays you for completing surveys, they only give you your interest-based surveys. They don't pay in PayPal instead of that they pay you in google credit that you can use to purchase anything in the google play store. 

To get more surveys You have to allow background location, and if you visit many places every year then you can earn a good amount of Google credit. Their app user interface is very simple. 

Availability: Google opinion reward is available in all countries of the world! you can use their app from any part of the world without any issue!

3. Current Rewards

Current rewards is a free and genuine app that even pays you for listening to music. They pay you for playing games, listening to music, Unlocking your phone, They also pay you for charging your phone. 

The current rewards app user interface is a bit confusing, however, if you are tech-friendly you will not face any issue. If you like music and hear music then you should definitely use Current rewards once as they pay you for listening to music also. 

There are many rewards options available, some of them are PayPal, Amazon giftcards, etc. There are more than 10 ways to earn money. 

You can download their app from the play store or from the app store. 

Availability: Current cash is available in all countries, just download their app and start making money. 

4. Make money

Make money is yet another legit app that pays you for doing the simple and microtask. Make money gives you more points in comparison to other apps, they give you high-paying offers. 

You have to download apps that are available and when the task is completed you will be rewarded, it gives you points and these points can be redeemed in your PayPal account. 

You can only redeem your money in PayPal, they transfer your money within 3 days, you can download their app from the Play store and from the app store. You can also earn points by completing short surveys and polls. 

Availability: Make money is available worldwide, you can use this app from any part of the world!

5. Givyy

Givyy pays you for playing games and referring friends, Givyy has a rating of 4.4 stars on the play store. 

Givyy has more than 5 games to play like Tic-Tac-Toe, Memory game, Maths game, etc. Givyy pays you for completing surveys, and it even pays you for just staying in the app. 

Givyy pays you through PayPal, you can redeem your money anytime and from anywhere. It takes a maximum of 7 days to receive your money, sometimes they even pay you instantly. 

Availability: Givyy is available worldwide, so just play games and start earning money. 

6. Play & Earn

Play & Earn app is also owned by Givyy, App user interface is also similar to givyy. You can download this app from the Play Store or from the app store. 

Their earning method is also similar to Givyy, but you will find different games that are not available in Givyy. You can play games like Puzzle, Dot game, Balloon game bubbles, etc. 

Play & Earn also pay you through PayPal and their minimum withdrawal is only 0.29$. They transfer your money instantly sometimes it can take up to 24 hours but this happens in rare cases!

Availability: Just like Givyy Play & Earn is also available worldwide. 

7. App karma

App karma is a popular earning app that pays you for doing simple tasks. They have a rating of 4.2 on the play store. 

App karma pays you for playing games, you don't have to play their games you have to download games that are available there once you start playing you will start earning points on App karma. 

App karma gives you scratch cards that you just have to scratch and you will earn points, sometimes they also give you bonus points.

You can redeem your money through various methods like PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Starbuck gift cards, etc. App karma even pays you more when you download their partner app 'Cash karma'. 

Availability: App karma is available worldwide. 

8. Pollpay

Pollpay pays you for taking part in surveys. It gives you various surveys, that you have to complete and you will get paid for that. 

Their surveys are long and high paying, sometimes they disqualify you in the mid of surveys, however even with disqualification, you will get few dollars. They don't have any other earning method, so if you don't like surveys then Pollpay is not for you!

Pollpay send your payment in your PayPal and there are various giftcards option are available, their minimum withdrawal is 5$, you will get 0.50$ for referring your friend. They have a rating of 4.5 stars on the Play store. 

Availability: Pollpay is available worldwide.

9. Feature Points

Feature Points has Paid over 5.9 million U.S dollars, they are operational since 2012. They have a rating of 4 stars on the Play store.

They pay you for Completing surveys, Playing games, Scratch to win, and they even pay you for shopping online. You can earn more points by referring your friends. You can download their app from Playstore, app store, you can even work on your desktop. 

There are many payout options available, you can redeem your money in your PayPal, bitcoin, and in various giftcards. 

Availability: Feature Points is available worldwide, however, their referral system is only available in U.S, U.K, Canada.

10. Toluna

Toluna pays you for taking surveys, toluna is U.S based company that pays you for influencing companies!

Toluna has more than 21 million users, they give you Toluna points for completing the survey. They give you 500 points as a signup bonus, they send you survey invitations through SMS also. 

You can also create a poll on toluna to view the opinions of people on a different topic. Toluna website interface is also up to mark. 

Toluna pays you through various giftcards, and the PayPal payout option is also available there. 

Availability: Toluna is available in 48 countries and in 12 languages. 

11. Streetbees

Streetbees is U.K based company that pays you to complete short surveys, but their mostly surveys are high paying. You can earn up to 10$ for completing a survey. 

Their app user interface is very up to mark and easy-to-use. They don't redirect you to any website to complete surveys. 

You just have to submit your PayPal email-id on the app and you will get paid automatically after completing surveys, you don't have to request the withdrawal. They don't have any other earning method.

Availability: Streetbees is available worldwide. 

12. Gamee 

With Gamee you can earn money by playing games, there are more than 100 games to play. You can also earn money by spinning the wheel and all these are free!
You just have to download the app and start playing games to earn money. Gamee pays you through PayPal, you can also play lucky games where you can win only because of luck and if you win you can earn up to 100$. 

Gamee has more than 10,000,000 downloads and has a rating of 4.2 on the play store. Their app user interface is also up to mark. 

Availability: Gamee is also available worldwide, just install their app and start playing games. 


10 best PayPal earning apps
10 best PayPal earning apps

Conclusion: best PayPal Earning Apps

So here are the 12 best PayPal Earning Apps that you should use. These apps can help you to earn some extra bucks. All these apps pay you through PayPal or through different methods. 

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