CouponDunia Review: Is it legit or waste of time?

Every year we spend thousands and thousands of rupees on shopping, sometimes we may get a discount but what if I say you can save money on your every purchase? That's exactly what CouponDunia offers!

CouponDunia helps you to save money, remember CouponDunia only gives cashback on online shopping so if you are an online shopper then read this full in-depth coupon Dunia review. 

  • What is Coupon Dunia?
  •  How Coupon Dunia works?
  • Company details
  • Is Coupon Dunia legit?
  • Is Coupon Dunia safe?
  • Who can join?
  • How Coupon Dunia earns money?
  • Refer and earn the bonus!
  • Support check
  • Pro's of Coupon Dunia
  • Con's of Coupon Dunia
  • Tips for using Coupon Dunia
  • How to get started?
  • Minimum withdrawal
  • Opinion
  • Last words

Coupon Dunia review

So now let's start our review!

What is Coupon Dunia?

Coupon Dunia was founded in 2010, Coupon Dunia is one of the largest cashback and discount websites. They have partnered with more than 2000 online stores, you just have to shop with your favorite store and you will get cashback. 

How Coupon Dunia works?

So now let us know how this app works. 

  • Visit the Coupon Dunia's website or download their mobile app.
  • Find or search your favorite online store where you want to shop. 
  • Now click on 'Activate Cashback' or 'Get deal'.
  • They will redirect you to the store, now shop, and complete shopping.
  • Once you complete shopping then Wait for few minutes you will get a notification that your 'shopping tracked successfully'. 
  • Now cashback amount is added to your account.
You can ease this work by installing a shopping assistant in your browser and also in-app you just have to enable this feature that is already available in their mobile app and website. 

You will get 'CD rewards' when you shop online in the form of real cash that can be withdrawn. 

When you shop through Flipkart you will get 'CD rewards' and when you shop through Amazon you will get 'CD voucher rewards'. 

Keep in mind 'CD rewards' cannot be withdrawn in the bank account and 'CD voucher rewards' can only withdraw in the Amazon Pay voucher. 

Once your purchase is tracked they add your cashback amount in 'Pending Cashback this means that the merchant hasn't approved your purchase, on average the merchant takes 4 to 8 weeks to approve your cashback. 

When the merchant approves your cashback the cashback amount will be added into 'Confirmed cashback' from where you can withdraw your money. 

Company Details

  • When Founded: 2010
  • Placed: India, Headquater at Mumbai Maharashtra
  • Est Employee: 69
  • Est revenue: $3.5Million
  • Contact details:
  • Founder: Sameer Parwani

Is Coupon Dunia Legit?

Yes till now Coupon Dunia is legit and it really pays to its users, you just have to shop online and you will get cashback. They have social media accounts where they have a good number of followers. So I feel Coupon Dunia is a legit company. 

Safety Check

  • SSL Certificate: Yes
  • Privacy Policy: check here
  • Terms and Condition: Check here
and for more information about your privacy then read their privacy policy and terms and conditions. 

Who can join Coupon Dunia?

  • Anyone who is 18+ can join Coupon Dunia if you are less than 18 then you will need your Parents Permission. 
  • Coupon Dunia is only available in India.
  • Coupon Dunia works on your mobile, Windows, macOS. 

How Coupon Dunia earns money?

Actually, Coupon Dunia is an affiliate company, Companies give commission to them for getting customers and they give more than 50% commission to their users, and the rest of them they use to run their business. 

As of now, they have been affiliated with more than 2000 online stores.

Refer and earn bonus

If you refer any person and that person creates an account you will get a 10% bonus on your friend purchase for a lifetime. For eg if your friend earns Rs 3000 in a year this means you will get Rs 300 as a bonus. 

Support check

Coupon Dunia support team is awesome they quickly solve your issue, you can contact them by filling a form or you can directly mail them. They are very active on different social media platforms. 

If you become their Gold member your queries are resolved quickly, to become a Gold member you just have to shop once you are eligible they send a mail and also notify you. 

Pro's of CouponDunia

  • Shopping assistant: Whenever you visit any online store, this assistant will notify you about the cashback rates and discounts. It will tell you to activate cash back and find the best coupons for you. 

  • Product offer: You can shop electronics and fashion products direct from Coupon Dunia. You will see the cashback amount that you get for purchasing that particular amount. 
  • Instant money transfer: Once you reach their minimum withdrawal and that is Rs 250 you can withdraw your money. They send your money instantly in your requested withdrawal option.
  • Customer Support: As I mentioned above also, their customer support is really good.

Cons of CouponDunia

  • Take too much time to verify Cashback: They claim that they confirm cashback in 4 to 8 weeks but sometimes it can take up to 3 months. 

  • I don't feel more cons of Coupon Dunia

Tips for Using Coupon Dunia

  • Start with the empty cart, this ensures tracking happens successfully.
  • Keep your Ad-block disabled while shopping.
  • Complete your purchase in the same browser, don't change your browser or window. 
  • Download their mobile app to shop easily. 

How to get started?

  • Visit this link and signup on coupondunia website by providing your Name, Email, Pasword and your mobile number.

  • Now Confirm your mobile number by verifying otp. 

  • Download their mobile app, currently their mobile app is only available for android users.

  • Start shopping and start earning cashback!

Minimum withdrawl 

When you have at least Rs 250, you can withdraw your money in your Paytm wallet and in your bank account. You can also recharge your mobile by using your money. 


Currently Coupon Dunia is one of the best coupon website, their app and website user interface is up to mark. Their tracking system is also good, they track your purchase quickly!

However they take too much time to confirm your cashback and also it only pays you to shop online they didn't pay you to shop offline. I hope they will consider my suggestions!

Last words

So here is in-depth review of Coupon Dunia, I try to give you all details about this app. Cashback app is one of the best way to save money while shopping. 

You won't save thousands of rupees every month, but if you are looking for Pocket money then you should use this app. 

Personaly I use three cashback apps and where I find best cashback rates for that  online store I use that app to get cashback. You can also use this strategy to get more cashback. 

If you don't like Coupon Dunia, don't worry there are many more apps that gives you cashback 13 best apps that Pay you to shop

Coupon Dunia review
Coupon Dunia review