10 legit and high paying Captcha job sites

 Captcha jobs are one of the easiest online jobs that anyone can do. Captcha jobs are not high-paying, but you can earn extra money just using your smartphone! 

Captcha jobs are easy to do, you may have completed many captchas on various websites. You must have smartphone/desktop and internet connectivity to start doing captcha jobs. 

There are many fake websites available on the internet that offers high-paying captcha jobs and take charge from you. I suggest you not pay a single cent to anyone however if you trust that then you can. 

In this blog post I have listed the top 10 high-paying captcha sites that you should use but before going to that let me clear some myths/faq regarding captcha jobs. 

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Are captcha jobs legit?

Yes, captcha jobs are legit and you can do this work from anywhere without any worry

What is a captcha?

Captcha is a type of tool that helps website owners to identify between real users and bots. It is a type of test that the user has to complete to prove that he/she is human. 

How much I can earn by doing captcha jobs?

Captcha jobs are not high paying but you can earn easily 100$ to 200$ every month, however, your earnings depend on your typing speed. The more captcha you solve every minute the more you earn. 

Who can do captcha jobs?

Anyone can do captcha jobs, no matter what is your age? even if you are a teen you can start doing this work. 

Top 10 captcha legit captcha sites

1. 2Captcha

2captcha is one of the best and my personal favorite website. 2captcha's website interface is awesome, they also provide an app for mobile users. 

2captcha will take a test in which you have to complete different types of captcha like image captcha, Recaptcha, etc. If you do more mistakes your account will be restricted and you will not able to do work on this website. 

2captcha pays you 0.50$ to 1.00$ for solving the captcha, but if you solve Recaptcha you will get a fixed amount of 1$ for solving 1000 captchas. 

You can also download their app for solving captchas on the go! 2captcha works better on desktops but their mobile app is also not bad. 

Minimum payout of 2captcha 

The minimum payout of 2captcha is 0.25$ for bitcoin cash, their minimum payout for PayPal is 5$. There are various payout options available on 2captcha. 

2. Megatypers

Megatypers is yet another legit and well-known captcha jobs site. Megatypers website interface is not up to mark, you may face trouble while signup and while doing work.

You can earn up to 0.50$ for completing 1000 captcha and they pay you up to 1.00$ for completing images captcha. You can earn up to 60$ to 100$ every month. 

Megatypers want an invite code while signup, you can use 'ELEK'code for signup. Megatypers doesn't offer mobile apps so you have to work on their website. 

They haven't installed an SSL certificate on their website, so this is a big security threat. You have to activate your account by verifying your mail. 

Minimum payout of Megatypers

You have to choose your withdrawal method while signup, keep in mind you cannot change this. Their minimum withdrawal method for PayPal is 3$ moreover you can withdraw your money in cryptocurrency. 

3. Solve Captcha

Solve captcha is one of the most reliable websites that hire captcha solvers like you. Solve captcha is very similar to 2Captcha, their website interface is also excellent. 

You have to pass the verification test just like 2captcha, you have to complete 42 captchas to pass the test, you will get a detailed guide on your work. 

They pay you 0.50$ to 1.50$ for completing captchas, and you can earn up to 200$ every month, currently, they don't provide an app for their users. Solve captcha is one of the best apps for beginners. 

Minimum Payout of Solve Captcha

Their minimum payout for PayPal is 5$ and just like 2captcha they also have various payout options. 

4. Virtual Bee/Lionbridge

Virtual bee is a very old and legit website, they not only give you captcha jobs but also writing jobs such as Data entry. 

Virtual bee is established in 2001 and since then they are paying their users, You must have to pass a registration test with 100% marks, if you didn't get 100% then you can give a retest after 24 hours, but scoring 100% is compulsory

Virtual bee doesn't pay high, their pay rates are quite less than other websites, so don't expect high earnings from this website. However Now Virtual bee has joined Lion bridge and Lion bridge is one of the largest work-at-home jobs providers so there are more ways to earn money. 

You have to complete your profile on lion bridge to start working on Lionbridge

Minimum Payout of Virtual Bee/Lionbridge

As virtual bee has joined with lion bridge so you have to follow the rules of lion bridge. Their minimum payout and mode of payout are different for every country. 

5. Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo is one of the best captcha sites, kolotibablo was launched in 2007 and since then they are giving captcha jobs. You can see reviews of users who have joined this website on their home page. 

Kolotibablo has also an android app that you can download on your mobile phone. They are growing their business rapidly and they have gained the trust of many users. 

Currently, they are paying 1.20$ for completing 1000 captchas, this can increase or decrease anytime. You can earn up to 200$ to 300$ per month with Kolotibablo. 

Minimum payout of Kolotibablo

Unfortunately, they only allow you to withdraw your money in cryptocurrency, there are various cryptocurrencies available to withdraw like 'TNC' for 'TNC' their minimum withdrawal is 0. 

6. Protypers

Protypers is very much similar to Megatypers. Their registration process is the same as Megatypers, you will be asked to give your recommended payout option that you can't change in the future. 

They pay you 0.50$ to 1.50$ for completing 1000 captchas, unlike other websites they don't ban your account for doing fewer mistakes. However, as you know excess is harmful! so if you do more mistakes your account will be ban.

They claim that top captcha solvers earn 300$ to 400$ every month with protypers, their website interface is also the same as Megatypers. 

Minimum payout of Protypers

As I have mentioned above that you have to give your recommended payout options while registering, so set your payout method wisely. Their minimum payout for PayPal is only 3$. 

7. Earneasy24

Earneasy24 is an android app that pays you to solve the captcha, their app is available for only Indians. Earneasy24 app user interface is very smooth and user-friendly.

You just have to download their app and after registration, you can start work. As this app is only available for India that's why I am writing their earning potential in their currency. So you can earn up to 10000 every month by using this app. 

They have 4 stars on the google play store, which is not bad! 

Minimum payout of Earneasy24

The minimum payout of this app is 100, you can request a payout via Bank transfer. Keep in mind you have to pay a small security deposit which is refundable! 

8. Captcha typers

Captcha typers is a legit website that pays you to solve the captcha, You will not able to register directly to register you have to send a mail to admin@captchatypers.com and they will send you login details. 

Captcha typers pays up to 1.50$ for solving 1000 captchas, don't do the mistake often otherwise, your account will be suspended.

Captcha typers website interface is not smooth and up to mark. currently, they don't offer a mobile app. 

Minimum payout of Captcha typers

Their minimum withdrawal is only 2$ which you can complete easily. You can request a payout through PayPal, Payza, etc. 

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest freelance marketplace where Freelancer and recruiter connects. Fiverr will not give you captcha jobs directly, you have to apply for Captcha jobs that are listed there. 

Fiverr has a large number of captcha jobs, that you can do. To get started you just have to create your account and apply for jobs that are available there. Make sure your profile is complete and don't forget to upload your profile pic. 

You can earn up to 100$ by doing just one task, companies or individuals hires you on weekly basis, and you have to complete work within a specific time. Fiverr is available all over the world

Minimum payout of Fiverr

The minimum withdrawal amount on Fiverr for PayPal is only 1$. You can withdraw your money through three options PayPal, Fiverr revenue card and the last one is bank transfer. To get more details on withdrawal check out this support page.

10. People per hour

People per hour is also a freelancing website just like Fiverr, You will get a wide number of captcha jobs to apply for. Their registration process is very simple!

People per hour is UK based company but it is available all over the world. You can set your own charge which you want to take from the recruiter. 

Minimum payout of people per hour

The minimum withdrawal amount for People per hour is 75£, there are many withdrawal options are available to choose from. You can choose according to your wish! You can earn easily 100$ to 200$ from just doing captcha jobs. 

10 legit captcha job sites
10 legit captcha job sites

Conclusion: High paying captcha job sites

So here are the 10 best websites for captcha jobs. Online captcha jobs are easy to do and you can manage your pocket money. 

If you are looking for full-time earnings then Captcha jobs are not for you, you can do this as a part-time job. However, there are also many benefits of Captcha jobs like You can work whenever you want, You can work from your home, Anybody can do this job!

If you know any more websites then don't hesitate to write in the comment section and tell me which website you are going to use and why? 

If you like the words and if this blog post helps you then suggest it to your friends and your loved ones. 

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