15 best online tutoring jobs for teachers

 Are you a teacher and you are looking for online tutoring jobs then you are in right place. 

As an online tutor, you have to teach kids from your home and from your desktop/laptop. It doesn't matter whether you are retired or currently working as a teacher online tutoring job is for everyone! 

Many websites hire teachers to teach students and thus I searched for the best websites that hire a teacher to teach students and after putting in a lot of effort I found the 15  best sites for online tutoring jobs. 

Some websites require prior experience, some websites require a degree and on the other, some websites don't require anything. 

I have described all types of websites in this blog post so you don't have to go anywhere. 

So let's start;

Online Tutoring Jobs That doesn't require any degree

1. Cambly 

Cambly is one of the most popular sites that hire teachers to teach students. Cambly was established by two engineers of Google Sameer sheriff and Kevin law. 

You don't need to have a degree or any experience to become a teacher in cambly.  Cambly hires teacher from all over the world, it means you can teach in cambly from anywhere. 

To become a teacher in Cambly you need to pass a test where they check your internet speed, your video quality, your audio quality and once you pass the test you have to create your account by providing some details. 

They pay you on average of 10.20$ per hour. Since cambly is available all over the world so you don't have to worry about the availability of the job. 

Pro tip- Write your bio attractive and write about your experience and if you have a degree write about your degree also. It will help you to get more students. 

Subjects you have to teach: You have to teach English and only English! If you are a teacher of any other subject then cambly is not for you, but don't worry there are more websites available. 

2. Tutorme

Tutorme was launched in 2013 to provide high-quality education to students. 

Tutorme hires teachers only from the U.S, you must have to teach at least 5hours per week, you must be an expert in any subject, you have good communication skills and these are some criteria to become a tutor in tutorme. 

They pay you up to 16$ per hour to teach on their website, you can teach whenever you want you can create a schedule or you can set your availability. 

You must have a desktop to teach, there are some technical requirements that you should look for. I suggest you check their faq page first to get more details. 

Pro tip- You have to signup with Facebook on tutorme so make sure to keep your Facebook account active and attractive. This will help you to show your genuineness. 

Subject to teach: They don't hire teachers for only one subject, there are many subjects to teach on tutorme like Computer science, Maths, English, etc. 

3. Magic ears 

Magic ears also hire teachers from U.S and Canada to teach Students of china. If you don't live in U.S and Canada then you can't signup here. 

Their website interface is very friendly, I don't think you will find any trouble accessing this website. They pay up to 26$ per hour to their teachers. You can see other teachers' experiences on their homepage. 

The magic ears signup process is lengthy and it takes up to 2 weeks to complete their all requirements, even if you want to do it fastly you will not able to do it! Their process is very slow.

Subject to teach: As they are chine based company so they mainly focus on teaching English to their Students. 

4. Chegg tutors 

Chegg tutors are one of the biggest online tutoring sites that hire tutors from all over the world. Chegg tutors earn up to 1000$ every month. 

Keep in mind to become a tutor in Chegg you must have enrolled in a 4year university program. You have to solve student's problems and you have to teach students to earn money. 

Chegg pays up to 20$ per hour to their tutors, they provide you many tools to teach students. 

Subjects to teach: You can teach any subject, which means all subjects are available on Chegg. You have to teach your favorite subject to start earning money. 

5. Qkids 

Qkids is a great online tutoring website, that connects students and kids online. You have to complete five steps to become a tutor on Qkids. 

Qkids only hires tutors who currently reside in U.S and Canada, and to become a tutor on Qkids you must have a bachelor's degree. You must have a computer including a webcam, A headset with a webcam and a stable internet. 

They take two demo interviews where they ask about you and about your education so be frank. 

You have to take lessons of 30minutes, you have to teach 1-4 students in a lesson, most of the time they connect you with the same students. 

They pay you up to 20$per hour and there is also an incentive program so you can earn more. Keep in mind they pay you through bank transfers, you must have to teach 6+ hours in a week. 

Subjects to teach: They only hire a teacher to teach English, which means they only hire English teachers. 

6. TutaPoint

Tutapoint is one of the oldest online tutoring websites, they are working since 2007 and constantly providing the best service. 

Tutapoint only hires U.S teachers to teach. You must have at least 2 years' experience to teach on this website, you have to give the information of your skill and a video about yourself. 

Tutapoint pays up to 14$ per hour to their tutors, and sometimes they may give you the bonus. To get a bonus to try to impress the student with your teaching skill so that the student can give you a good review. 

Subjects to teach: You can teach Maths, Social science, Science, language arts. 

7. Study gate

Study gate is a freelancing platform that connects tutors and students. They don't pay you to teach students, students come here to ask their questions and tutors bid an amount for that question. 

Now it depends on students to choose the best bid and the teacher to solve their questions. Hence it is a freelancing platform so there is no fixed amount that you get. 

Study gate charges 30% on every confirmed bid so keep your rate according to this charge. Study gate pays via PayPal and only times in a month, their minimum withdrawal is 20$. 

It takes only 15 minutes to complete your registration, you don't need to be a certified teacher but you must have to upload a diploma on their registration page. 

Subjects to teach: There are more than 47 subjects to teach, from coding to history all subjects are available there to teach. 

8. Studypool 

Studypool is an online tutor service that has more than 50000 tutors, it also works like studygate means as a freelance basis. 

They hire tutors from all over the world, hence you can teach from anywhere in the world. Students come on studypool and ask a question, and tutors apply for that question with a bid amount. 

It works like studygate but studypool has more features and more tools. You can also see the top earners on this website, and tutors' reviews are also available there. 

There is a video tutorial available on their website which helps you to signup as a tutor. 

Subject to teach: You can teach almost all subjects from history to Maths, you just have to find questions related to your subject and start applying for questions. 

9. Wyzant

Wyzant is operational since 2005 and constantly improving itself. Wyzant connects tutors and students on 1:1. 

There are no requirements for any degree, however, you must be a U.S citizen to register and a valid social security number. 

Wyzant asks you some multiple-choice questions and if you get passing marks you can become a tutor on Wyzant. You can set your own rate that you deserve. 

Wyzant takes 25% of your earnings so decide your rate according to that, to get more students you should write a catchy headline. If you are a beginner you can read their article about How do I get my first student?

Subject to teach: Almost all subjects are available to teach from finance to science.

10. Yup 

Yup is a mobile app that hires tutors to solve student's questions, commonly you will get maths problems to solve. They hire tutors from all over the world. 

Students take pictures of their questions and post them on this app, Yup instantly connects with a tutor like you to solve his/her problems. 

Their mobile app is only available for students, as a tutor, you have to access it with the desktop mode. They pay you on a monthly basis through PayPal. 

It takes less than 24 hours to complete their registration process, you will receive updates about your account on your email. 

Subjects to teach: Only a maths tutor can signup for this website. 

Online tutoring jobs that require a Degree

11. Vedantu 

Vedantu is an online tutor service that teaches Indian students and to teach Indian students they hire Indian teachers. 

You have to complete 5 steps to becoming a tutor, first you have to complete a simple signup form, secondly, they do your initial screening after completing this process you have to give a demo of your teaching style. 

In the 4th step, you have to attend a webinar about teaching and various topics. Once you attend the webinar they list you as a teacher on their database and you will get your first session within few hours. 

It takes almost 1week to complete all this process, you must have to teach for at least 2 hours every day. 

You can earn up to 75000 rupees every month, Vedantu claims that their teacher earns a minimum of 25000 rupees every month. 

They pay you on monthly basis, they send your earnings on the 5th of next month. 

Subjects to teach: As a tutor, you can teach most of the subjects, from English to Hindi. Apart from schooling subjects, you can teach computer science also. 

12. Vipkid

VIPKID is a Chinese company that hires tutors to teach Chinese students. VIPKid is one of the most reputable websites, which has more than 800000 students and this number is increasing every day. 

VIPKid only hires teachers that have Bachelor's degrees, All classes are in the form of 1:1 mode you have to teach only 1 student at a time. 

You can teach whenever you want to teach, you have to pass a demo interview to become a tutor. 

They pay you 15$ to 22$ per hour, however, you can set your own charge. 

Subject to teach: VipKid is only open for English tutors. 

13. Skooli 

Skooli is an online service that hires tutors, to become a tutor on skooli you must have a bachelor's degree. 

Unlike other websites, they want a government-issued it, your criminal record which may be annoying for you. 

Skooli connects with you by a video call where they take your interview and ask some questions, and if you have all the required documents and you have passed the interview, your account will be activated instantly. 

They pay you up to 25$ per hour, your pay rate is decided by your teaching subject, and some other factors. 

Subjects to teach: If you are a Math, business, or science teacher then you can register yourself as a teacher on skooli. 

14. Superprof 

Superprof is running their service in more than 47 countries and more than 35000 students learn new things every month on superprof. 

Superprof doesn't only teach schooling subjects, you can be a teacher of any subject for example if you know photography then you can be a teacher of that. 

No experience or degree required to become a tutor on this website, however, if you have then this will be very beneficial for you, you can add a youtube video about yourself or about your work. 

Subjects to teach: As I have mentioned above there are more than 1000 subjects to teach. From digital marketing to English all subjects are available. 

15. iTutorGroup (ITG)

iTutorgroup is an online learning platform that teaches English to its students. They run their business in more than 135 countries, and to date, they have conducted more than 180 Million sessions. 

To become a tutor in ITG you must have a bachelor's degree, teaching experience and you must have to teach at least 6 hours per week. 

ITG doesn't pay a fixed rate instead of that they pay you on the basis of your experience and your qualifications. 

Is Online tutoring profitable?

Yes, Online tutoring is profitable as you don't have to invest money to open any tuition center. You can do online tutoring part-time and can earn some extra money. 

How much an online tutor earn?

On average An online tutor earns 600$ every month, but to increase your earnings you can increase your charge or you can signup on that website that pays more. You can also start your youtube channel to earn more money. 

Is online tutoring safe?

Yes, Online tutoring is safe! but as you teach you have to give some general permissions like your microphone, your camera. Some websites may take more permissions, I suggest you see their privacy policy or terms of use. 

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

There are many benefits of online tutoring, here are some;

  • You can teach from anywhere in the world. 
  • You don't have to invest money to start any institute.
  • You don't have to leave your home to teach students.

So these are some faq of online tutoring jobs. 

online tutoring jobs
Online tutoring jobs

Conclusion: online tutoring jobs

So these are 15 online tutoring jobs that you can join and start teaching. Don't hesitate to apply and give an interview even if you don't have a degree or experience, don't lose hope it's not a big thing to get rejected on few websites. 

Online tutoring is one of the best options for teens to make extra money because now parents want a teenage teacher to teach their child but some parents may prefer an experienced teacher. 

If you know any other website that offers online tutoring jobs, then don't forget to write in the comments I will try to add to this list. 

If this blog post helps you then spread the words in your commune and with your followers. It would really motivate me!