Lifepoints review: Is it legit or waste of time?

 Do you want to earn money for completing surveys? That's what Lifepoints offer to their users, but it is really worth your time or you should find another website that pays you to complete surveys. 

You will find all the answers to your question regarding life points, so you don't have to go anywhere else. 

What is Lifepoints?

Lifepoints is a website that pays for participating in surveys, they have more than 500000 users from all over the world. Lifepoints was created by Lightspeed so their Parent company is Lightspeed. 

Lifepoints pay for completing surveys, product testing. They give you 10 points as a signup bonus for new users. 

How it works?

The second important question is 'how it works'? `So now let's see the answer of this question,

  • Let's suppose I have a brand and wants people recommendation for your future product.
  • Now I contact lifepoints and I send my project details like my target audience, my question, etc. 

  • I offer my pay rates and depend on my pay rates they offer points to their users like you.

  • Now those who qualify for the survey complete survey and he/she get their points and I get my answer. 
  • And this process continues hundreds of times every month!

Is lifepoints legit?

Yes, till now they are continuously paying to their users and that's why their members are increasing very fastly. They give you various rewards for your time. So Lifepoints is a legit company. 

Who can register on lifepoints?

Anyone who is above 14 years can create their account without any cost. Their services are available almost all over the world but in some countries their service is unavailable. 

How to earn money with lifepoints?

There are not many methods to earn money with lifepoints, but all the methods that they offer are high paying and you can except a good amount of money every month. 

Let me give you all the methods from where you can earn money

1. Sign up 

The first and the easiest way to earn money is just by signup, yeah I know this is one time earning and you can't do this for 2nd time. 

They give you 10 points for joining their new users, you have to give your email id and some basic details about yourself like your age, name, and some general questions. 

After creating an account they send you a confirmation link on your email, you just have to click on that link and you will be redirected to your dashboard. 

There you will see 10 points in your account. You can create your account with this link

2. Take surveys

The second and higher-paying method to earn money in lifepoint is taking surveys, they email you whenever a survey is available for you so you will never miss an offer! 

They pay you 50 to 150 points for completing a survey, sometimes they even give you more. They show you how many points you will get for completing that survey, they also show you estimate survey time so you can decide which survey is good for you. 

3. Product testing

The last way to earn money in lifepoint is Product testing, however, product testing is not available for all users, it depends on your location and various other factors. 

You will not get many projects of product testing but whenever you get the project will be high paying!

So now we have discussed earning method of life points now let's cover other important parts. 

Withdrawal methods available in life points

Now you know the earning methods in life points! It's time to withdraw your earnings. There are many withdrawal methods available in life points. 

You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal, Giftcard or you can donate your money to charities. 

If you want to withdraw your earnings through PayPal then you need at least 800 points which are equivalent to 10$. 

If you want to withdraw your earnings through giftcards then you need a minimum of 330 points to change your points in the Amazon gift card. 

There are many more gift card option is available like pantaloons gift cards etc. So withdraw your earnings whenever and wherever you want. 

Some advantages of lifepoint

You know everything about surveys - As I have mentioned above they show you the time and points for that survey. So you can decide which survey to take which to skip, if you have less time then take short surveys, and if you have more time then take long surveys. 

Lots of rewards - There are many withdrawal options available for their users. You can withdraw where you want your money. 

Email notifications- They notify you whenever any survey is available for you, so you don't have to go to your dashboard for participating in surveys. 

Some disadvantages of lifepoint

Few earning methods- There are few earning methods in lifepoints, unlike other survey websites they don't offer many earning methods. 

So if you are looking to earn money by watching videos, or any other fun stuff then this website is not for you. 

Hard to qualify - Their mostly surveys are about the market research and so they ask you some qualification question and if you qualify then you will be redirected to the survey. 

Sometimes you may disqualify in consecutive surveys, it might be frustrating but patience is important. 

No mobile app - They don't offer any mobile app, so you have to come to their website to take surveys, hope they will introduce their app soon. 

However, their website is optimized for mobile so I don't think you will face any issue on their website. 

Safety check of Lifepoint

SSL certificate- Yes, they have an SSL certificate on their website. 

What data they collect from you- They collect your personal information, like your name, your age, your gender, and some more basic details. 

They collect these data to send you surveys and offers. You can check their privacy policy here

Keep in mind that they can share your data with 3rd party, read their privacy policy carefully. 

Customer support

If we talk about their customer support then I will say it is too good, they clear all your issue within hours. You can get the answer to your issue on their faq page and you can directly contact them. 

They offer live chat and a request feature, where you have to describe your problem, and then you just have to click on submit. They will reply to you soon. 

Additional tips for lifepoints users

Follow them on social media, they regularly give giveaways to their users on their social media account. So follow them and try your luck in giveaways. 

Use lifepoints on your desktop, this will increase your chance of getting more high paying surveys. Desktop users get more surveys in comparison to mobile users. 

I suggest you create a separate email id for websites like lifepoint, where you only get offers and nothing else. This will exclude spam and offers emails from your work email. 

Lifepoints review

Last words

So here is the detailed review of Lifepoint, If you want to earn extra money every month then you should definitely use this website. 

Lifepoint is a great option for those who like to take surveys and wants to count their opinion. If you are using lifepoint then comment on your experience. 

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