10 genuine websites that pay you to search the web

How many times do you search the web?  It can be 10 times, for some people it can be 20 but if you earn money to search the web then, of course, you will increase the frequency of your search! 

There are many websites available on the internet and they are ready to pay users to search the web you can be one of them. They don't pay you high but you can still accept some hundred's dollars and some giftcards without doing anything! 

The majority of the websites are not available worldwide as they only hire people of a certain location and those who are young. But still applying on those websites will not harm you in any way. This is one of the easiest ways to earn money as you will make money for what you do every day!

Get paid to search: 10 websites that pay you to search

Here are some best websites that pay you to search the web;

1. Wonder 

Wonder is one of the highest paying and legit sites that pay you for your research skills! Wonder hire users to research for their clients' question and as a researcher, you have to provide a detailed and real answer of that question. 

To get started you have to complete a survey about yourself, your probability of hiring as a researcher depends on your answers of that survey, so make sure you write impactful and something interesting. 

You must have a bachelor's degree and full command of the English language, and boolean search skill is also mandatory to become a researcher on Wonder. 

Availability: Wonder is available in the whole world, so you can create your account from anywhere. 

Pay rates: You can earn up to 20$ per hour some top researchers earn up to 30$ per hour.  Your earnings depend on the number of research you complete, you can easily 1000$ every month. 

2. Crypto tab 

As the name display itself that you will earn cryptocurrency for searching the web. If you don't know what is cryptocurrency then you are really missing something big! You can read this for a detailed guide about cryptocurrency.

The Crypto tab gives you bitcoin for searching the web, you can download their app on your mobile phone so that you can earn bitcoin on the go! You can switch your default browser to a crypto tab browser so you can earn more. 

You just have to activate mining on the crypto tab and your earning will start automatically, currently, they only give you bitcoin and no other coin. You can also invite users to increase your earnings, you can join their affiliate program to earn even more! 

They have a cloud boost option that will increase your earnings by 10 times. 

Availability: Their app is available worldwide so you can download their app and can earn bitcoin from anywhere in the world. 

Pay rates: Your earning potential depends on the number of searches you do and some other factors that's why I cannot give you a particular number. 

3. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is one of the best websites that pay you for doing multiple tasks like taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching the web, and more! 

Swagbucks gives you some points for completing every task, I suggest you use this website on your desktop so you can earn for shopping online also.  I recommend you to install their extension on your desktop and default your desktop browser so you will earn for every search you do.

You can also earn for doing different tasks like completing surveys, playing games and there are more ways to earn points.   

Swagbucks is an awesome website to earn money as there are many ways to earn, their minimum withdrawal is only 1000 points which is equivalent to 10$. 

Availability: Swagbucks is available in most countries currently they are available in America, Europe, and Asia. 

Pay rate: Their pay rates are high, you can easily complete their minimum withdraw in 1 week! You can earn up to 15$ every day, their surveys are high paying and short. You can withdraw your earnings in various ways. 

4. Inbox dollar

Inbox dollar is a legit website that pays you for searching the web. Not only searching the web they also pay you for watching videos, reading emails, taking surveys. 

Inbox dollar pays you 5$ as a registration bonus, Inbox dollar pays you via different methods like PayPal, direct check, and various giftcards. Inbox dollar website interface is neutral, neither very good nor very bad. 

Inbox dollar has partnered with some of the biggest companies like Netflix. 

Availability: Unfortunately Inbox dollar is only available for U.S citizens, but I hope they will launch their service in other countries very soon. 

Pay rates: You can easily earn up to 60$ every year by just searching the web, and If I talk to average earnings then you can earn easily 100$ every month from Inbox dollars, their minimum withdrawal is only 30$. 

5. Fulldive browser

Fulldive browser is a mobile app that pays you for searching the web. Fulldive browser put your all favorite sites like Insta, Facebook in one place. They have an Adblock feature that will block all the ads while surfing the web. 

Fulldive browser also allows their users to earn by playing games, watching the video. They give your money in the form of cryptocurrency, amazon gift cards, and you can even donate your money for good work.

You can add your social feeds in one place like youtube, Facebook, etc. Their app user interface is very friendly. 

Availability: Fulldive browser is available in the whole world! They might be unavailable in some countries. 

Pay rates: You can earn up to 60$ to 110$  every month, you can earn even more if you refer more friends. 

6. Qmee 

Qmee is a legit website that pays to search the web, but unlike another website, they don't pay you for searching the web indirect way instead of that they offer an extension that you have to install in your browser, and they will show you the best coupons when you are shopping online. 

Suppose you search 'shoes' on Amazon and when you are going to checkout Qmee will show you the best coupons so you can save money. 

Here I just want to remain you that Qmee will collect any personal data and track your searches so use it wisely. There is no minimum withdrawal on Qmee so you can withdraw your first earning also. 

Availability: Qmee is only available for U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia users. But you can request qmee to launch their service in your county by writing a tweet and don't forget to tag them.

Pay rates: As they don't pay you the indirect way so there is no fixed amount that you will earn, your earnings depend on your shopping. 

7. Zoombucks

Zoombucks is yet another 'GPT' site that pays you to complete different tasks. You can earn points for taking paid surveys, watching videos completing offers, and searching the web. However the searching the web option is not available in all countries. 

There are many withdrawal options available on zoombucks their minimum withdrawal for Paypal is 5$. Zoombucks is something similar to Swagbucks. 

They mail you whenever a new offer or survey is added to your dashboard so you don't miss any opportunity to earn money.

Availability: Zoombucks is available in most countries, there are very few countries in which Zoombucks are not available.

Pay rate: You can easily earn 200$ every month with the help of zoombucks, they have numerous offers and surveys to do. 

8. Fusion cash 

Fusion cash is yet another legit app that pays you for searching the web, there are more ways to earn on fusion cash like watching videos, completing paid surveys, reading promotional emails. 

Fusion cash gives you 5$ as a signup bonus, to claim this you must have to verify your email. Fusion Cash is very similar to inbox dollar, even the website interface is also similar to inbox dollar. 

Fusion cash minimum payout is 25$, keep in mind if you don't log in to your account for 90 days then your earning will expire. 

Availability: Fusion cash is only available for U.S citizens. 

Pay rate: Their surveys are high paying but you will not earn much with their search option. You can earn 150$ to 200$ every month! 

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9. Microsoft rewards

Microsoft rewards are now known as Bing rewards. Bing is a search engine that is owned by Microsoft and to give competition to google they started this service. 

They pay you to search, play games, doing online shopping. Bing pays you more points when you search the web on your mobile, they don't transfer your points in cash you can only redeem gift cards with your points. 

Availability: Currently Microsoft rewards available in 21 countries, to know about the availability in your country you can visit Microsoft's official blog

Pay rates: You will get 10 points on registration! and for every search, you do you will earn 5 points maximum you can earn 50 points in a day. 

10. MobileXpression

MobileXpression doesn't pay you to search, they pay you to just use your mobile phone and if I am not wrong then you can search the web only when you use your phone. 

MobileXpresssion collects your data like which app you use, what you search, and how much time you spent on using your mobile phone. This app works in your background so you don't have to do anything! 

You can download their app from the play store and from the app store. Based on your data they also offer you some paid surveys. 

Availability: MobileXpression is available in the whole world but they don't accept some devices, you can check your eligibility by downloading their app. 

Pay rates: You can withdraw your points through giftcards, unfortunately, they don't pay you in cash. 

Get paid to search
Get paid to search the web

Conclusion: Websites that pay you to search the web

So here are 10 websites that pay you to search the web. These are the best ways to get paid to search the web. These websites will not make you rich but it is one of the best ways to earn part-time income. 

I suggest you use the same websites on your all device so your earnings will not divide and you can earn your first reward quickly. 

If you know any more websites then tell me in the comment section and which website you are going to use? I am waiting for your response! 

If my effort helps you then share this blog post with your friends and with your community.