8 legit apps that pay to unlock your phone

What's on your lock screen? I am asking this question because now you can earn money by just watching an ad on your lock screen and by unlocking your smartphone. 

Honestly, I also don't know much about that how can I earn money by just unlocking the phone? and to find the answer to this question I start to research this. 

I found many apps and apk that pay for that and you know no one can use all the available applications but I try to use as many apps as I can and find the best apps that pay to unlock phones.  

After using and doing research I make a list of 8 apps that pay for the same, I hope my efforts will help you to earn extra money.  

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Apps that Pay you to unlock the phone

 So here we go, let's start our list;

1. Screen Stash

Screen Stash is one of the highest paying apps that pay you to unlock your phone. You will not find this app on the play store and ios currently they have an apk. 

You just have to install this app and give some permission that they want from you and you are ready to go! you will see different types of ads on your lock screen. 

It's not compulsory to engage with ads, you can just browse also like you do in social media! 

Their minimum withdrawal limit is 1500 points which are equivalent to 1$, on my calculation and prediction you can earn up to 4$ to 5$ every month. Yeah I know the amount is small but it's ok as you don't have to do anything!

2. Screen lift 

Screen lift is yet another app that pays you to unlock your phone, screen lift customizes your lock screen with a different widget. You can select which you need. 

They show you ads on your lock screen, you will see articles, videos of your interest. They pay you to unlock your phone. Their minimum withdrawal is also 1500 points again 1500 points are equal to 1$.

You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal and different gift cards. Join Screen lift and enhance your lock screen. 

3. Fronto 

Fronto helps you to earn different types of rewards, it means there are various of rewards option available that you can choose. 

They just don't pay you for unlocking your phone, they pay you for engaging in the ads like clicking on the ad, downloading the app, reading an article, etc. 

Fronto gives you 20 points for unlocking your phone, they give you 100 points for reading an article and at last, they give you 300 points for downloading an app. 

However their app is not available for iPhone users, so you must have an android set to use this app. 

Their minimum withdrawal is 25000 Points which is equivalent to 10$, you can easily make up to 20$ every month by using this app. They also give you a check-in bonus every day, so make sure to open this regularly.  

4. Slide Joy  

Slide joy pays you for unlocking your phone, they also show you an ad that you can see or you can just swipe to earn points. 

You will see deals and trending news on your lock screen, sometimes they also show you inappropriate ad but it happens in a rare case. 

Recently they have added a new way to earn and that is enabling a popup on your screen, where you will earn points for just using your phone as usual. 

Their 1000 points are equal to 1$, you can withdraw your earnings in PayPal, gift cards like Amazon, Google Play, etc. Their minimum withdraw limit is 2000 points. 

5. S'more

An app that pays you for doing multiple tasks, you will earn for completing your profile, watching videos, enabling lock screen, downloading apps, and for shopping online. 

There are numerous ways to redeem your money, and most of them are by gift cards, their minimum withdrawal is only 150 points.

However in the case of some gift cards the minimum withdrawal limit increase like in Amazon the minimum withdrawal limit is 300 points. 

At the time of writing this blog post, they don't send you money in the form of cash because they don't send your money in any wallets like PayPal. 

6. Whaff Locker 

Whaff Locker is one of the best apps that has a very low payout. They don't show you ads in which you are not interested, so you will get interesting ads on your lock screen. 

They pay you 0.3$ for engaging in an ad, you can also earn money by completing different offers like downloading the app, participating in a survey. 

They give you 0.3$ for signup, 0.3$ for referring a friend. Remember you must have a referral code to earn a bonus while signup, sorry but I cannot give you a referral code but you can search on the internet about it. 

The minimum withdrawal limit is 10$ when you have 10$ you can request a withdrawal by PayPal. 

7. Moocash

Moocash doesn't pay you for unlocking your phone, to earn money from this app you must have to engage in an ad. 

Whenever you are going to unlock your phone you will see an ad, if you swipe left of your lock screen you will earn a specific amount of points and if you swipe right you will be redirected to your home screen.

Like other apps, Moocash is also available for android users,  you can earn more points by downloading the app, completing surveys, etc.

Their 1000 points are equal to 1$ and their minimum withdraw is 5$. You can withdraw your money in various gift cards.

8. Mytoz 

Last but not least! Mytoz doesn't pay you in the form of cash or by gift card, they allow you to use your point by shopping a wide range of products from their store.

To get an interesting ad you have to set your interest on this app once you complete your profile and set your internet ad will start showing on your lock screen.  

They deliver all kinds of products and all over the world! For example, if you want a cushion then they want only 10 points from you and you will get a cushion worth 9 euro. 

Apps that pay you to unlock your phone
8 apps that pay you to unlock your phone

Apps that Pay you to Unlock phone - Final words

These are the 8 best apps that pay you to unlock the phone, one of the biggest drawbacks of these applications is you can't use more than 1 app at a time. 

So choose the app which you like most and has good earning potential, these apps will help you to earn extra money without doing anything. 

Currently, I don't know any app which is available for iPhone users, if you know any such type of app then you can write about it in the comment section. 

You must have to keep these apps for a long time maybe for one or two months to reach the minimum payout, so keep patience and start earning money. 

If you want any type of help or you have any suggestions then don't hesitate to write in the comment section and yeah if this blog post helps you then don't forget to share it with your community.