14 best ways to earn money by watching videos

Want to earn money by watching videos? but didn't know the websites that pay you for that, then this article may help you. 

Many sites pay you for watching videos, but in this article, I have mentioned 14 ways to earn money to watch videos.

These websites pay you for watching ads, watching short clips and some also pay for watching movies. 


Here are different ways to earn money by watching videos:

14 best ways to earn money by watching videos

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the highest paying and best websites that pay you for watching videos. They don't only pay for watching videos but they also pay for doing the various microtask.

Swagbucks pay you for watching different types of videos, you will see videos from world news to sports news. 
You may see sponsored ads sometimes. 

Apart from watching videos, they also pay you for participating in surveys searching the web, playing games and there are more different ways to earn money on Swagbucks. 

Signup with this link to get 5$ signup bonus. You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal and by different gift cards. 

2. Mypoints

Mypoints is yet another legit website that pays you for watching videos. 

They pay you for shopping online, completing surveys and reading promotional emails, and playing games. 

You can earn up to 500 points daily by watching videos, most of the videos are short, so you don't feel boring. 

They were launched in 1996 and since they are constantly paying their users. However even they are so old company but till now they are not available in all over the world. 

3. Inbox dollar

 Inbox dollar is a highly reputable website, inbox dollar and Swagbucks have the same parent company. Unlike Swagbucks they don't pay you in points, they pay in cash. 

However Inbox dollar don't pay you as much as Swagbucks, and like Swagbucks, they also pay you for taking surveys, etc.

Remember they only pay you for watching videos in the desktop browsers, not in mobile apps.

Their minimum payout is 30$, for completing this minimum payout easily they give you 5$ as a signup bonus. To get your 5$ you must have to activate your account by verifying your email. 

4. Vindale research 

Vindale research is a legit and high-paying website that pays you for watching videos. Vindale Research pays you for taking surveys, reading paid emails, and referring friends. 

They don't have many videos for their user, but whenever videos are available they are high paying. They give you 5$ for referring your friends. 

Their surveys are high paying, they pay up to 50$ for completing a survey and their minimum payout is also 50$. They don't have a mobile app for their users but their website is too friendly. 

5. Fusion cash 

Fusion Cash is very much similar to Inbox dollar, from signup bonus to website interface all is the same!

They give you 5$ as a signup bonus, and like all the website that is listed here, they also pay for completing the survey. Their biggest drawback is that your earning will expire, it means if you don't withdraw your earnings within 180 days of your earning your earnings will expire. 

So first go and signup and then ask yourself that can you complete their minimum payout then only use this website. However, they are only available in the U.S.

6. Irazoo 

Irazoo pays you for playing games, watching videos and downloading apps, and completing different offers. They give you 100 points for sign up. 

Their minimum withdrawal is 3000 points, when you have a minimum of 3000 points, you can withdraw via PayPal. Keep in mind if you are inactive for 60days, your point will expire. 

You will watch short videos, movie trailers, and different types of ads on their video tab section.

7. Adwallet

Adwallet is another legit website that pays you for watching videos. They send you a mail whenever a video is available. 

Adwallet pays you 0.50$ to 3$ for every video you watch, the number of videos is not high but you can accept a video in 3days. 

After every video, you watch you will be asked to answer some questions, or some may want your email. You can request a withdrawal when you have 10$ in your account. 

You can send your money via bank account, gift cards and you can donate your money to charity. 

8. T.V Two 

T.V Two is different from another website that I have mentioned here, they don't pay you in cash or in gift cards instead of this they pay you in Cryptocurrency. 

No, It's not bitcoin they pay you in Ethereum. You just have to download their app from the play store or ios. You can see top YouTubers' videos here and for every second you watch you will earn! 

Their minimum payout is 50000 Ethereum, they show sponsored content to you when you are watching videos.

9. Earnably

A lesser-known website that pays you for completing offers and watching videos. They have two partners, one is hideout. tv and the second one is fox video. 

You will see different types of videos on hideout you can watch which you like. Their minimum withdrawal limit for PayPal is 125 points. You can withdraw your points in different gift cards also. 

Earnably gives you 10% of your referral income, they are available worldwide!

10. Kashkick 

Kashkick doesn't pay you for watching videos directly, they show many offers to you like signup on a different website, trial any product, etc. 

Their website interface is awesome, whether you are tech-friendly or not you can easily use their website. All the offers are high paying like you will get 1$ for just completing your profile. 

However some offers are not available for everyone, they send your payment via PayPal when you have a minimum 10$ in your account. 

11. Success bux

Success bux is a website that pays you to paid to click, signup on different websites, and many more ways are available to earn.

Success bux website interface is not good and mobile-optimized, you may get trouble to use this website. Their minimum withdrawal limit is only 1$ which you can complete easily. 

They pay up to 0.20$ for signup on a website. You also get some commission of your referral income. 

12. Creation rewards 

Creation rewards are only available in four countries that are U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia. 

They pay you for watching videos, visiting the websites, refer friends, etc. To increase earnings you can update your account, they give you 5$ as a signup bonus. 

I don't like creation rewards website interfaces however they pay more in comparison to different websites. You can send your earnings to your PayPal account. 

I suggest you check their faq page as their points system is different from other websites.    

13. Insta Gc

Insta Gc pays you for watching videos, searching the web, shopping online, and more. 

To start using this website you must have to verify your PayPal account and write the same details that you have written in PayPal. 

They give you 10 points as a signup bonus, they give you 10 points and an extra10% of your referral income. 

14. Write subtitles 

If you are good in any language and you can write that language without any problem then you should write subtitles. 

Many content creators hire people who can create subtitles, you may have seen subtitles on youtube, Facebook, etc. Start with registering yourself in a differents freelance marketplace. 

Some websites which I prefer FiverrPeople per hour you can find more website on the internet. Fix your per-hour rate, you can also see the rate of other people for an idea. 

And when you find the work then try to give the best work that you can give, and when you send the work to your client don't forget to remind them about leaving a review.

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14 ways to earn money to watch videos
Get paid to read


So here are 14 ways to earn money to watch videos. You can earn extra income by watching videos in your spare time. 

Join these websites to start earning money now, all these websites pay in different methods and work differently but all these pay for watching videos. 

If you think I have forgotten to add a website then comment and I will definitely try to add it to this list. 

If this blog post helps you then don't keep this to yourself spread the words in your community!