13 best ways to get paid for reading book in 2021

Do you love reading? I think your answer is yes! Now if I say you can get paid by reading books, you may think this is impossible. 

But now we are living in 2021 and this is possible! However you will not get paid for reading books, you have to write a review about that book to get paid. 

Well, many reports say that reading a book not only increases your knowledge but also increases your capacity of thinking. 

If you love reading books then why not get paid for what you love? 
You will not earn passive income, however, you can earn easily earn profitable income. 

13 ways to get paid for reading books

1. Kirkus media 

Kirkus media hires reviewers to read books and after reading the book, reviewers have to review the book. As a reviewer, you have to write a review of about 400 words. 

You have to submit writing samples, your resume to become a reviewer on this website. Kirkus Media is a highly reputable website that is open to all people. Kirkus media specially hire those who can review English, Spanish language. 

Send your resume and some writing samples to get started, always write a genuine review don't copy other's reviews otherwise your account will be disabled. 

Join Kirkus media

2. Online book club

The online book club is yet another company where you get paid for writing reviews. They pay 5$ to 60$ to review a book, however, your pay rates decide on the length of the book and various other factors. 

The online book club is free to join and anybody can join! they send you books to review every week, so you can write a review for your favorite book. 

To get started you have to complete a review for free and then they check your review and they will notify you if you are eligible for their job.

Sign up Online book club

3. Reedsy discovery 

Reedsy discovery gives you access to read any latest books before anyone else. You can write a review after reading the book that is directly sent to the author. 

Reedsy discovery doesn't pay you directly for writing a review, the author can send you a tip if they like your review. 

To get started you have to complete a form and if your form is accepted then you can start reading books for free! Always write an impactful review so the author may send you a tip. 

To start complete this form and submit it 

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4. Book browse 

Book browse didn't give you money to write a review, they give you a free copy of the book. You will get five to six books every month, if you are interested in any book you can tell them by replying to their email. 

Every time, you won't get the book which you have requested if you found the book which you want then leave a review of about 100 words.

Remember book browse didn't pay you in the form of money, they give you a free copy of that book. 

Register Book browse

5. U.S Review of books

U.S review of the book take reviews of all kind of books, so you can review the book in which you are interested. 

Whenever any book is posted to review, then you will be notified so as a reviewer you can request to review that book. 

They want a review of about 300 words from their reviewers. They want a well-informed and professional review from their reviewers. 
To get started, you have to submit your resume and your sample work. 

You will earn for your review on monthly basis. First, you should check their guidelines for writing reviews. 

Check out the U.S review of books

6. Women's review of books

Women's review of books is a very old and very reputable website, they are a part of Wellesley Centers which is running for more than 36 years. 

If you are going to become a reviewer of this website then you should know that most of the reviews are written by journalists and book reviewers who have a experience of few years. 

If you fulfill their requirement then you can earn up to 100$ for reviewing each review. You must have to send a resume and samples of reviews which you have written to get started.

Join Women's review of books 

7. Booklist Publications

Booklist publications are American website who hires freelancers to write a review. They are very strict with their guidelines for freelancers, you can write only 175 words review. 

They have different editors for different categories of books, you have to contact your favorite category editor to become a reviewer on this website. 

Their pay rates are moderate, you will not get a big amount of money for writing reviews. You can check their guidelines for freelancers and book reviewers here

To get started send your resume and a quick introduction about yourself to their editor and collect all your best reviews to send to their editor. 

check their guidelines before sign up

8. Instaread 

Instaread didn't pay you for writing a review, they pay you for writing a summary of the book. They want a summary of about 1000-1500 words.

Your summary includes the key feature of the book and major points of the book. You can download their app to get more access, however at the time of writing this article they don't have any open call for summaries. 

But I suggest you have an eye on their submission page. They pay you 100$ for writing a summary, so check regularly their submission page. 

Check new Opportunity

9. Moody press

Moody press only accepts reviewers who have their blog, you have to select books that you want to review. 

To get started you have to fill a form and if you get approval as a reviewer you can start browsing books that are available there. 

They send your selected book within 10 days, so you can share this book review on your blog. They don't pay you in the form of cash as they send you a free copy of the book. Remember you have to write a review within 60 days of receipt.

Write your review honestly and unbiasedly. 

Read their Guidelines for blogger

10. New pages

New pages is a website which doesn't pay directly to their reviewers, they have a various contest for writers. As a reviewer, you have to send a review of about 300 words. 

If you have a blog then you can add your blog URL in the bio of your reviewer account so you can generate more traffic to your blog. 

To submit a review you have to send an email to their editor, you can find the contact details of the editor here

If your review gets approved then they publish it on their blog, they also share your review on social media and they tag your social media account. 

Currently, they don't pay any type of money, however, they send you a free copy of the book. You can join various contests to make extra income.

More information on Newpages

11. Get abstract

Do you love reading non-fiction books, then getAbstract is best for you. They have summarized more than 18000 books, they have a career page for writers.  

They add career opportunities often, at the time of writing they have new career opportunities for science and technology-related writers. If you are that writer then don't waste the time go and apply. 

They pay on a freelance basis, to get started send your resume and your best works.

Check new opportunities here

12. Writerful books

Writerful books pay you for everything! from beta reading to reviewing books. 

You can review any book which you want, however, you will not get paid gigs regularly. But if you continuously publish genuine reviews and quality content, you quickly get a paid gig. 

They pay you 10$ to 15$ for completing every paid gig. To get started you have to apply for a book reviewer and you have to provide previous reviews of the book.

Get started by joining 

13. Net gallery

Whether you are a blogger or a librarian Net gallery is open for everyone. The net gallery is a type of eco-system which connects publishers and readers and reviewers. 

The work process is simple, A publisher publishes the books on net gallery. Now the readers can request to read, review the book. 

NetGalley reward you by giving a free copy of that book, you just have to sign up and you will get access to millions of books!

Sign up Net gallery


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best ways to get paid for reading
13 best ways to get paid for reading books

Final words

Are you ready to get paid for reading books?

Here are 13 websites that pay you for reading books, you can join these websites to get paid for reading books. Whether you are a man or woman you can use these websites.

There are many more websites available on the internet, which I haven't listed in this article. So if you know of any such type of website let me know by writing a comment.

Now, start applying to those websites which you like and become a book reviewer! I hope you like this blog and if you like it, then please share it with your friends.