EasyPlan detailed review: Earn more interest than your bank!

Do you want to save money? well, I know your answer is yes! who doesn't want to save money? I haven't meet any person who doesn't want to save money, have you meet?

Easyplan detailed review
Easyplan review

I know If you are reading this blog post then you want to save money! you may keep your monthly income in the bank where you get less interest! 

Yes, I know there is no risk in the bank but If I say you can get 2times more interest in comparison to the bank and there is no risk like a bank! then will you keep your money there? 

Yes, you guess right! it's an investment. If you don't invest there may be some reasons! or you might fear losing money. 

If I say you all your problems will be sorted out by just using an app then...

So the app name is Easyplan let's go through the in-depth review.

What is Easyplan?

Easyplan is a multitask app where you can save money and invest money(without any risk of losing money). Easyplan helps you to save money by investing in a mutual fund. 

Wait... if you are thinking, you have to invest monthly or yearly a specific amount then you are thinking wrong.

Who Can Join easyplan?

Anybody who is above 18years and have a government authorized document like Aadhar card, Pan card, etc. If you are under 18 then register with your parent's name and document. 

Now let's talk about investment details and other things...

How to get started?

First of all, download the app from this here and register with your phone number or with your e-mail id. After signup, you will be redirected to the dashboard. And the dashboard looks like this;
easyplan review
Image credit: easyplan

Here I have already set up a goal for myself that's why you are viewing a goal but when you signup you will not find anything. 
So now you have completed the first step that is you have created an account for yourself! Let's go through the second part. 

How to invest by easyplan?

Initially, you have to create a goal for yourself and don't tell me that you don't have any goal, it can be anything whether a new mobile just like myself or you can create a specific goal for you. 

easyplan app full review
Image credit: easyplan

To create a goal click on the plus icon on the screen and you will see that image, now pick a goal for yourself. Here I am selecting a new goal that is a new car. 

You can create a specific goal that is not mentioned there. So when you click on any goal they will ask a few questions like your monthly income. 

And Don't forget you have to give your pan or aadhar details, don't think you have to submit both you can submit which you like. 

easyplan details
Image credit: easyplan

You will be asked these type of questions, it's a small process. It takes only 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

easyplan investing app
Image credit: Easyplan

Now you can see the image above, you will be asked these questions answer these questions according to your condition. 

They have two plans for their users, so it's important to understand both plans. Let's start with the first plan

Icici Prudential savings fund

They began this fund newly but they give more returns
in comparison to other plans, they give you 8.5% interest. (based on last year performance)

However, whenever you want to invest money in this fund, you must have to invest a minimum of 100 rupees. You will not get an instant withdrawal from this fund, it takes one to two business days to send your money. 

If you have a goal for more than six months then this fund is best for you!
And if you have a goal for less than six months then the next plan is for you. 
easyplan interest rate
Image credit: Easyplan

Icici Prudential liquid fund

This fund gives you an interest of 5.97% annually, in this fund
you just have to invest a minimum of 100rupees for the first 
after that, you can invest as low as Re1. 

You can withdraw your money anytime and in this fund, they send your money instantly. 

eayplan plans
Image credit: Easyplan

Here is an image difference between these two funds;

easyplan app
Image credit: Easyplan

Customer service of easyplan

I contacted their customer service through WhatsApp, they quickly solve my query. So I am really happy with their customer service. 

You can contact them through email, phone call, and Whatsapp. 

Privacy checkup of easyplan

As this is financially related, so it's common sense that they will ask for your personal details. You don't have to worry about your personal details, they ask for your personal details for KYC. 

KYC is mandatory if you want to invest in any platform, they will ask your bank account details to send your money at the time of withdrawal. 

 How to withdraw money from easyplan?

Now, we are in the last section of this article now let's talk about the withdrawal process;

First of all click on the withdraw option that you see on the dashboard. Then you will see this on your screen;

how to withdraw money in easyplan
Image credit: Easyplan

Now write the amount that you want to withdraw or if click on the withdraws the full amount to withdraw the full amount. Click on the confirm option and that's it your money will be reflected in your account.


So that's all about an easyplan which you can use to invest and to save money. Easyplan is one of the best apps to invest money in. Their user interface is very friendly, if you are a beginner in investing then this is best for you.

They didn't charge you anything, there is no deadline to invest money, you can invest whenever you want. 

If you found this article valuable then don't hesitate to spread the message. And if you have any suggestions or any questions then you can ask the question in the comment section.