Top 10 best business ideas for Women


If you are a woman and if you are looking for a business idea for yourself, then you are in the right place. I suggest everyone start their own work, why you should work for fulfilling others dreams, comment your thoughts about this topic. 

Today I have come with business ideas for women that can start from home. 

You could become a new sensation of the internet, but if you think you can start a home-based business without skill then you are wrong. 

You can’t become a chef unless you know cooking! You can’t become a writer unless you know writing! 

Whether you want to become your boss or you want to earn a side income, you can use these business ideas that I have listed. 

So let’s start the list of business ideas for women with an inspirational quote 

 “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them” – Seth Godin

Business Ideas for Women's At Home

1. Start tiffin service 

The majority of the women love cooking and if you come to that group then you should definitely do this business. 

Some working people are unable to cook at home or some stay away from their home where they don't get cooked food at home. So some people cook food for them and provide cooked food to those people to their desired address.

You don’t need to invest thousands of rupee to start this business, you can start this business from your home. First, you have to create a list of people in your neighborhood who always order items from restaurants. 

Then you have to tell them about your business, you can also give your first-time food as a trial and if they like your food they will automatically become your customer. 

Always focus on the quality and taste of your food, if your food is liked by customers then you don’t know the power of mouth to mouth marketing! Your business will grow quickly. 

Investment required- You don’t have to invest high, you can start with even 1000 where you have to buy some tiffins and other items. As your business increases you can invest according to your customers. 

2. Become a virtual assistant 

Have you ever heard the word ‘virtual assistant’? If you don’t know then let me give you a quick and simple definition of this.

A virtual assistant is generally self-employed who provides administrative, technical, and creative assistance to their clients remotely from home or elsewhere. 

You might think of virtual assistants as a side income but if you have good skills then you can start this as a business.  

You should learn first then you should think about earning money, I suggest you search in google about virtual assistant courses and you will get millions of results within seconds! 

Investment required- Practically you don’t have to invest a single rupee but if you can invest then you should in different things like in course. 

3. Become a baker 

Do you like to bake and you bake for your family, and you haven't started your baking business then what are you doing? You should start your bakery business as soon as possible. 

First decide how you want to start your business, if you don’t have enough space you can start your online store, if you have some space then you can open your store. 

Whatever method you choose, you should start your online store definitely, and create your social media account, list your business on google. 

Always ask for feedback from your customers, that if they like your product and if they are happy with your request to leave a review on google and other social media platforms.

If you are starting out, keep your profitless so that you can gain more customers and once you have established your business then increase your profits slowly.  

Investment- You can invest 5000 for an oven and if you want to create your website then invest additionally 2000 for better results. 

4. Become a freelance writer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for freelancer / technical writers is expected to grow 10% by 2024. 

The demand for freelancers is growing day by day and that’s why the number of freelancers is also increasing. So the sooner you start the less competition you get. 

If you don’t know freelancing writing then ignore this method or learn to freelance writing to start your business. You have to create sample content for your clients, if they like your content you will be hired. You should read more books that might help you.

You can create accounts in a freelancing marketplace like Fiverrpeople per hour to get clients. Make sure you provide good work and try to complete your project before the deadline, this will increase your profile ratings so you can increase your rates. 

Investment- As I have mentioned above if you know freelancing writing or if you want to learn this skill then only you should try this method. 

If you want to learn freelancing writing then you can look for courses that are available on the internet. 

5. Sell handcrafted items

Now the world is switching to handcraft items. If you are good with your hand and if you can create beautiful crafts, then you should start this business. 

You just have to use your creativity and ideas to create a new and beautiful product. First, decide your product that you are going to sell, then target your customers. Suppose you are going to sell a handcrafted shawl then your target audience is women!

You can look at Etsy where you will find handcrafted items, to decide your price and you should start selling on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and Etsy. If your business has been established then create your own website to grow your business. 

Handcrafted business is growing very fast and its customers are also increasing rapidly. Even teens are also loving this

Investment- You don’t have to invest in the learning of any type of skill, you just have to invest 1000 to 2000 which would go in purchasing essential items and in craft supplies. 

6. Start your beauty parlor 

As a woman, you know what beauty means to a woman! That’s why you should start your beauty parlor. 

If you don’t have money to start a beauty parlor, you can start your beauty parlor from your home. Just make the first room of your home a beauty parlor and spread this news in your neighborhood that you have started your business. 

You can offer your customers to book appointments, so they don’t have to wait for their chance. Always give your customers something special that they can’t get in your area. 

You can also hire any girl or woman who can help you in your business, but when you are starting I suggest you don’t hire anyone this will increase your budget.

 When you are making a good profit then you can shift your business to a dedicated beauty parlor. 

Investment- You have to invest around 5000 in purchasing beauty items! and if you are not going to start your business from home then your investment increases. So it depends on you how you will start…

7. Start stock trading

Stock trading is one of the best ways to earn a side income, you can do this work even if you have a job! You can do stock trading from your mobile. 

Many housewives are doing this to earn extra income, you can learn stock trading from different websites and apps, many of them teach you for free. 

You have to use your financial skills to make money and if any of your family members do this then you can ask them about any tip. 

As a stock trader, you have to be ready for taking the risk, sometimes you will get lost, and sometimes you will get profit. 

If you don’t have more money, then you can invest in penny stocks, so your risk will be less. 

Investment- You can start stock trading with 2000 however it depends on your capability of taking the risk. 

8. Daycare center

If you love kids and you feel happy with kids, then you can start a daycare center. 

When both father and mother work, then they are always in search of daycare centers. As a day center owner, you have to care for infants and young children in the day time. 

First, you have to get a large room or hall where 10 or 15 children can stay, then purchase some toys, books, and poem CDs. Then you have run an ad in your area. 

Daycare centers can become a passive source of income.

Investment- It takes approx 5lakh to start a daycare center, however it depends on your place and your venture.

9. Event Planning

The event planning business is growing rapidly, and I think anyone can do event planning because you can start with the planning of birthdays and when you get experience then you can even manage weddings! 

You can decide to handle all functions or you can be an expert in one ceremony then only focus on that. 

Send your proposal to your clients and try to give all that service they want and in starting to keep priceless. 

Investment- Your investment varies in each function however I am giving a chart below so you can understand it easily.

Startup                                   Low                                     High


Equipment                           $5,000                         $17000         

Inventory                              $0                                         $500

Licenses and Taxes                $250                                    $350

Communications                    $100                                    $200

Payroll                                   $0                                        $4000

Chart credit: (entrepreneur)

10. Start reselling

Reselling is a business which anyone can do if you have a mobile phone and a good number of contacts then you can start reselling easily. 

Apps like Meesho, glow road which allows you to start your reselling business. You have to download any repelling app, then create your account with your business name. 

You will find unlimited products to share with your friends and whenever they order your product or your order for them you will earn a commission. You can decide your commission on every product. 

You don’t have to do anything! Reselling platforms ship your order and deliver the order to your customers. They also offer COD so you can get more orders. 

Your customers can return their product if they don’t like it! 

Investment- You don’t have to invest a single rupee to start a reselling business, however, some platforms also offer any type of membership to increase your earnings! 

Now we have entered the last part of this blog so I want to give you a quick summary of this blog in the form of the faq.

Frequently asked questions on Business Ideas for Womens At Home

1. Which is the best business with low investment

You can start these businesses with less investment;

  1. Reselling business
  2. Start selling handcrafted items
  3. Start freelancing writing 
  4. Start a tiffin service business

2. Which is the best business to start from home

These are the best business to start from home

Blogging- If you like writing then you can start blogging and you can start freelance writing. 

Start reselling- You can start this business from home and from 0 investment.


Start bakery- You can start a bakery also from your home and you don’t have to invest high in this business.

Stock trading- This is one of the easiest businesses to start from your home. 

10 best business ideas for women
10 best business ideas for women


These are the 10 best business ideas for women, don’t think you will get success every time, you may get failure but you will get the most valuable experience. 

So which business you are going to start, let me know in the comment below. If you love my words then don’t keep this to yourself share it on social media and with your friends, I would really become happy.