9 Legit Paid surveys website to make money

Survey sites and apps have always been the first choice to make money online and from home. 

You can work whenever you want and you will get rewarded for that, I have researched long and after I came with the 11 best websites or apps where you can work and can start earning money easily. 

So I hope you are very excited to see the name of the website and apps, But before starting the list I just want to answer some common questions which you may have about survey sites. 

Q- Who can do this Job?

Well anyone can do this job but on some websites, there is an age restriction but the number of websites that have this restriction is very less, So I suggest you check their terms and conditions before using. 

Q- In which country you can do paid online surveys?

You can do this job from any country but some websites may only be available for a particular country or a group of countries. You will be notified while you are registering on a website that your country is available or not. 

Q- Can I do this job from the mobile

YUP! You can do this job from your mobile or your desktop.

Q- Can I file the case against paid survey site for not making money after completing the task how?

Yes, you can! but first, you should read the website terms and conditions of use. You can also contact them on this topic, if they are not solving your problem then complain about them.

So, I hope all your questions have been cleared! But if you have further questions you can comment below or you can contact us directly. So, now let's start our list.

     Legit Paid surveys website to make money

     1. Survey Junkie 

    Survey junkie is my favorite website and I am sure when you use the website you also love this! Survey junkie was launched in 2005 and now they have more than 3 million users. I like survey junkies because their surveys are not so long or irritating. Each survey takes a max of 20 minutes, however, it takes only 10 minutes to complete on average. 

    Moreover, if you start a survey and don’t qualify for that you don’t have to worry you still get some points which means your time and work didn’t waste. 

    When you complete any survey you will get points which you can easily withdraw in your PayPal account or various gift cards. 

    Now if you think you will get any signup bonus then correct yourself! Because they don’t give you any welcome bonus, However, If you ignore these cons, then this is an excellent website to do paid surveys. 

    Sign up for Survey Junkie

     2. Ipsos I Say

    Ipsos is one of the oldest websites which pays for Taking surveys, it was founded in 1975, and now they have more than 15000 employees! 

    You just have to register yourself and start taking surveys and when you complete the survey you will get points which you can withdraw in PayPal or various gift cards. They also mail you whenever they have any survey for you. 

    They give 20 to 100 points for completing any survey and if you don’t qualify for any survey you will get 5 points as a bonus!

    They also give you bonus points when you complete a high number of surveys for example, if you participate in 15 surveys you will get 50 points extra. Every time you complete a survey you will get a chance to play their poll predictor game so you can win extra prizes!

    Every four months they pick 10 users to win up to 10000 points however the users are decided with your performance, so keep your profile up to date to get a chance to win 10000 points. 

    They also give you 100 points every time you refer any person with your unique referral link or code. 

    Join Ipsos I say

    3. Minds pay

    Mindspay also pays its users to take paid surveys and to make their opinion count! This is a U.S based company. They also pay for completing various offers for their users. 

    They also pay you for reading promotional emails which you will get in your mailbox, they also pay for testing products, signup on different websites, and cashback shopping. 

    They have a limited number of surveys but you can make up to 10$ for completing any product or service review easily. Moreover, they pay 0.50$ for reading every mail.

    You can also earn money by referring friends, you will get 10% of your friends earning, they also give you 3$ as a signup bonus! 

    Their minimum withdrawal is 50$ which you can complete easily if you work regularly. 

    Join Mindspay

     4. Vindale Research

    Vindale Research is one of the best websites to earn money by completing surveys. This is one of the highest paying websites, you can earn up to 50$ for completing a survey. 

    You can earn money by watching videos, reading emails, participating in polls, and reviewing products or any service. They have a minimum withdrawal of 50$ which you can withdraw by PayPal or via Bank check. 

    If your luck works you can earn 1$ for signing up on this website, So Join now!

    Sign up for Vindale Research

     5. Swagbucks

    I know many of you know about this website, Swagbucks is a highly reputable website that pays for completing various tasks. They pay you for completing surveys, watching videos, browsing the internet, and Participating in daily polls.

    If you install their extension on your desktop then they also pay you for shopping online and I suggest you make Swagbucks your default search engine on your desktop to get more points. 

    They also pay you for referring friends, you will get 10% of your friends' earnings. They give you 5$ as a sign-up bonus! Swagbucks payment threshold is very low; you can withdraw your money with as low as 3$ in various gift cards. But if you are looking for PayPal you should have 2500 points then you can withdraw 2500 points by 25$. 

    You can download their app from the play store or App store. And yeah 1 Swagbucks point is equal to 1 cent. 

    Join Swagbucks and get 5$ as a signup bonus

     6. Pinecone research 

    In Pinecone research you will get a flat 3$ for every survey you complete, and doesn’t take more than 20 minutes. Pinecone research offers paid surveys, testing products, and review apps and software. 

    You will get a notification whenever there is a survey available, you can withdraw your points in prizes and cash! Like other apps, they also sometimes do prize draws of up to 5000$. So always keep an eye on this website. 

    Sign up for Pinecone research

     7. My points

    My points pay you for completing surveys, watching videos, playing online games, downloading apps, and signing on to different websites. You can also make money by searching the web, referring to friends and there are many more ways to make money in My points. 

    You can earn up to 500 points by watching videos, earn up to 300 points by completing surveys, get 5 points for reading emails, and 10 points for playing games and searching the web. 

    You can shop for more than 1300 retailers, like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Whenever you shop from there you will get some cash back in your wallet!

    You will get 25 points for every dollar you spend. 

    Their minimum withdrawal limit is only 25$ which you can withdraw whenever you want, there are various withdrawal options. 

    Register My points

    8. Inbox dollars

    Inbox dollars is something similar to Swag bucks, Here also you can earn by watching videos, completing surveys, searching the web, and shopping online. 

    They give you 5$ as a signup bonus however the surveys don’t pay you much but the surveys are too short. Each takes only a max of 10 minutes to complete the survey. You can earn up to 30$ by completing different tasks, You can withdraw your money via PayPal when you have 30$ and you can withdraw your money by different methods. 

    Sign up for Inbox dollars and get a 5$ bonus

    9. Lifepoints

    Lifepoints is one of the highest paying survey sites that pay you to participate in surveys. 

    Lifepoints doesn't pay you for anything else like watching videos or anything, they only pay you for completing surveys. They also give you 10 points as a signup bonus.

    Read our detailed review on lifepoints

    9 Legit Paid surveys website to make money


    So these websites are the best website to get paid for taking paid surveys, from these websites you can earn to manage your expenses and your day-to-day spend.

     You can do this job from your home or from anywhere. You can make up to 200$ easily in a month by using this website, I hope you like this post and if you found this website valuable, please share it with your friends and your loved ones.

     If you know about any website which pays for sharing your opinion then please comment below, I will try to update this post as soon as possible...