16 apps that pay you money for doing nothing!

Are you in search of legit apps that pay you money? I have listed the best apps that pay you real money. 

By using these apps you can easily increase your monthly income and you don’t have to wait for your salary to start purchasing your favorite items. 

You will not become rich by using this app! But you can earn some extra money easily. You just have to download/sign-up on these apps and you can start earning money. 

You can easily make up to 100$ every week by using these apps! Here some apps pay instantly or some can take time.

Best Apps to earn money in 2021

1. Acorns 

Acorns is a micro-investing app, at the process of registration, you have to select a plan for yourself. Whenever you make a purchase they will round up to the next dollar and they will invest the change on behalf of you! 

If you love online shopping then this app will help you to earn extra money, you can earn up to 50$ every month without not doing any much effort. 

So what are you waiting for, just go and download this app and start investing as low as 1$! 

Download- Acorn

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2. Stash 

This is also a micro-investing app. Stash is a personal finance app, you can start investing in this app for only 5$. If you are new to investing then they have a special page for you! Where they teach you about investing. 

They take 1$ as a fee and when your account balance reaches 5000$ they take an extra 0.25% fee. 

To start investing I suggest you first learn about investing.

Learn how to invest and then start earning

3. Robinhood

The next micro-investing app is Robinhood, if you are a beginner then Robinhood is best for you! They don’t take any charge from you, you can download their app which is available on the play store and app store. 

Their user interface is very good, you will not find any difficulties while investing! You can access their app from your desktop. 

However, this app is only available for U.S citizens. 

Download Robin hood

Best cashback apps that pay you

If you love online shopping then these cashback apps will help you to earn some extra money. These apps will pay you whenever you shop online, which you can transfer into your bank account! 

4. Earny 

Earny is one of the most reputable apps that pay you for shopping online. You can install their extension on your desktop, and whenever you like any product you can add that item to earny watchlist. 

The biggest benefit of earny watchlist is they will always keep an eye on the price of your favorite items. 

Whenever there is a drop in the price of your favorite item, they will alert you. They also scan your recent orders and alert you if you bought an item that has a price drop so that you can save money.

Install Earny

5. Fetch rewards

Now you don’t have to spend your time searching for coupons, offers, etc. With fetch rewards, you just have to submit your receipt of items that you have bought and they will give you cashback. 

You only save money when you buy their partners' products, they have many popular partners like Lipton, Knorr, etc. 

Fetch Rewards is the best way to earn money by simply uploading your bill! 

Install Fetch rewards

6. Rakuten (ibotta)

Rakuten pays you for shopping online with their app, you just have to shop from their partner website and you will get cashback in your Rakuten account. 

You don’t have to apply the coupon or anything else, just shop from their app and you will get cashback within 48 hours. Their app is very user friendly, they always work to improve your experience. 

You can earn up to 30$ every month by using Rakuten. 

Download Rakuten

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Best Apps for Paid Surveys and Market research

7. Nielsen Panel 

Nielsen pays you for using your device, as usual, you can earn up to 50$ every month by using your device. You can connect Nielsen to your mobile, your desktop, or any device you have. 

They just see how you use your device, it means they will see which app or website you use more, how many times you spend talking in a phone call. They never track your personal information. 

I suggest you connect this app with every device in your home, so you can maximize your earnings.

Start using Nielsen panel

8. Vindale research 

Vindale Research is one of the highest paying website, which pays for your opinion. Vindale Research pays you up to 5$ for completing a survey. Their minimum withdrawal limit is 50$, when you have 50$ then you can withdraw your money in your PayPal account.

Vindale research also offers product testing, where you can earn up to 75$ for every test you do, yes you read it right! 

Sign up for Vindale research

9. MobileXpression

Mobilexpression is a reputable website that gives you a gift card within 1 week of your registration! 

You just have to keep this app on your device and they will give you gift cards every week! You will earn Mobilexpression credits which you can change into an Amazon gift card worth 5$. 

If you keep active in this app for 30 days then you will be eligible for extra gifts every week. 

Download Mobile X pression

10. Slide joy- Make money by placing ads on your lock screen

Slide joy is an amazing app that pays you just for placing ads on your lock screen. They will show you ads in which you are interested, so you can click on that ad. 

Slide joy gives you 1$ as a signup bonus and whenever you interact with any ad or content you will earn money. You will earn crates which you can change in cash or gift cards and even you can donate to charity. 

Don’t think that you will earn a big amount of money by using this app! But you can earn up to 50$ by just using your lock screen. 

Download Slide joy

11. Smart app 

One more market research app that works in the background. This app pays you for watching websites, apps, and helping brands to improve their product. You can use this app on various devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets. 

Unlike Nielson you have to give all your information to this app, don’t worry this app is operated by a famous company Verto Analytics, so your all information should be safe. 

When you register and complete your profile you will get 5$ as a sign-up bonus. After every month an extra 5$ bonus will be added to your account. When your device is connected for 90 days, you will get 5$ as a loyalty bonus. 

After 180 days this amount will increase to $10, so you can earn a good amount of money just by keeping this app on your device. 

Install Smart app

Apps that Pay Instantly!

12. Bing Rewards 

Bing Rewards you for searching the web, If you want to earn money from bing rewards then you have to change your search engine to Bing. 

You will get 1 credit for every 2 searches, maximum you can earn 10 credits every day. If you go through further calculations then you can earn 5$ in just 21 days. This is a wonderful way to earn money by just searching the web, you can use those credits in purchasing any Microsoft products. 

You just have to create your account and you can start earning money easily. 

Sign up for Bing rewards


13. Wealth words

If you love solving crossword puzzles then Wealth words help youtube earn up to 200$ by just playing games. You can also earn money by referring your friends. 

However to start playing and winning in this app you have to purchase tokens, tokens price starts as low as 0.25$, if you buy only 2 tokens you can join the game which has a prize pool of 150$. They also pay you instantly via PayPal. 

Download Wealth words

14. Bingo Mania 

I think everyone knows to play Bingo! and now you can start earning money by playing Bingo, you have to download this app and when you sign up they give you a 100$ bonus.

You can also play other games on this app like Poker. They also give you more money when you refer your friends. 

They give you 20$ when your friends join with your invitation link. Additionally, when your friend wins 100$ you will get 10$. 

Sign up for Blog mania and get a 100$ bonus

15. Spin to Win

As the name suggests spin to win you just have to spin a wheel and if your luck works, you will earn money.

 I just want to alert you that play wisely, because every time your luck is not in favor of you. 

When you register you will get 2lakh coins which you can use to play, you can earn more coins by referring your friends. The more you play the more you can win.

Each spin helps you to win the daily sweepstakes of 1000$, so try your luck and get paid! They pay you by PayPal. 

Download Spin & win  

16. Mistplay

Mistplay pays you for spending every minute on the app, they pay you 0.60$ for 10 minutes which you spend on this app. If we calculate your earnings in terms of hours then you can earn up to 3$ every hour. 

The minimum withdrawal limit is only 5$ which you will earn easily! You can cash out your money via gift cards like Visa, Playstore, etc. You will be paid within 48hours. 

There are various games, you can play your favorite game and can earn money. They have paid over 10.8$million to their users.

Download Mistplay

So these are the best apps that pay you money, download these apps, and start making money!

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16 best apps that pay you in 2021

Last words

So I hope I have cleared all your doubts! But still now if you have any questions you can comment below, I will try my best to solve your query. These are the best apps to earn money however, you will not earn a big amount of money but if you use many apps then you can quickly make hundreds of dollars easily. 

Many of these apps work in the background, so you don’t have to work in any of those apps just install it and earn money! 
If you love this blog then don’t keep this to yourself, spread the word to your friends and family members.


  Before ending this post, I just want to clear some common questions, Let’s start.

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Best apps for earning - Frequently asked question

1 Which is the best app to earn money?
You can use any of these apps to start earning money, all these are legit apps, and best, they work in the majority of the countries. All these apps work on your mobile phone.

2. How will I get paid by using money-making apps?
All apps offer a variety of cashout options, but the most preferred method which I use and suggest is PayPal. PayPal is the best way to get payments for your work. 

3. How to know that apps work in my country?
You can try to sign up on these apps to know if this app works in your country or you can search on the play store and app store to know the app is compatible in your country. 

4.Which app gives instant payment? 
Wealth words, Bingo mania, Mistplay are some of the apps that pay instantly.

5. How much you can earn by using money-making apps?
You can earn easily up to 500$ every month by using these apps.