15+ Proven ways to make money for Teens

We all know whenever we search for jobs for teens, it will come with jobs like babysitting, bagging groceries. But now it’s 2021, Teens can also start their online business, or they can also start doing any online job. 

Whether you are 14, 15 or even you are 20, you can do any work from home jobs, After long research, I found 15 online jobs for teens. You can do all these jobs from your home and from your mobile.

I suggest you create another Gmail account for yourself, so you can find emails, which are important for you easily. 


How to make money as a teenager

#1 Make money by completing paid surveys

Paid surveys are one of the quickest and best ways to make money as a teen.

You just have to complete surveys, and you will get paid for that. There are several websites of paid surveys where you can join and can start making money.

Companies take your opinion on different topics, and they will pay you for that. 

Keep in mind that you will not become rich, but it is a very easy way to make money. You can complete a survey while watching television, or eating your lunch. 

Some recommended sites;

Swag bucks- Swag bucks is one of the most reputable websites to earn money by completing paid surveys.

Check out the list of best-paid surveys sites

#2 Watch ads and earn money 

Watching videos is fun! Did you know you can earn money by watching ads? Many sites offer paid advertisements that you can watch and can make money.

Watching ads is one of the best jobs for teens. You can earn up to $100 every month which is not a big amount, but you can manage your expenses. 

Some recommend sites;

Inbox dollars

You can earn money by playing games, downloading, apps, watching ads, reading paid emails, etc.

My points;

My Points are yet another website where you can earn money by shopping online, watching ads, completing surveys. Get $10 as a sign-up bonus when you register. 

Check out our list of best 

#3 Sell items online

You can sell your stuff in online marketplaces, and now we are talking about entrepreneurship. 

You can sell various types of items that you no longer need, and you can sell on different markets. 

Let’s have a look at what you can sell;

Books & Electronics- If you have any books and & Electronics which you don’t need you can sell them and turn that into Cash. 

Arts & Crafts- Etsy is the perfect website to sell handcrafted items, don’t worry if you don’t have handcrafted items, you can sell printable items also. 

Gift cards- If you have a gift card that you don’t want to use, then you can sell on card cash

Anything else- Amazon is the best website to sell anything else, You can sell anything on
 Amazon sell

#4 Start Your YouTube channel

Do you know Ryan? He is just ten years old, and he has more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube, You can check his channel Ryan world YouTube channel.

So you can also start your own YouTube channel without any investment. You can shoot your videos from mobile and there are several free software that you can use to edit your video.

You should start your YouTube channel only if you love making videos. 

#5 Install apps

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop then you can earn a big amount of money by just using your device as you do. In this job you don’t have to work

Let’s see how it works

 So basically you just have to install software then connect your device, then the software which you have downloaded collects your data like which app you use, which website you use, etc. 

Don’t worry your information will be kept secret because the software collects your data anonymously. 

If you want to use this method then you should download these apps. 

Smart Panel- They pay 5$ every month means you can earn up to 60$ every year. 

Survey savvy- They also pay 5$ every month but they pay this amount for 1 device, if you connect 3 devices ( Laptop, Tablet, Mobile phone) you can earn up to 60$ every year. 

#6 Tutor

If you are an expert in any subject then you can teach younger students, you can teach online.

 If you are expert in anything else like in Sports, In any skill, In any subject. 

This list is endless you just have to find that person who is willing to learn. 

If you like teaching there are many websites where you can teach 

Recommended website

Tutor.me- You can teach here without any experience and their pay rates are good. 

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#7 Get Paid to Search the Web and Play Games

So how many times do you search the web? Or how many times you play mobile games regularly? I am asking this question from you because Now you will get paid for searching the web and playing games. 

Many websites on the internet pay for searching the web and playing games. 

Recommended websites;

Swagbucks- Swagbucks is my favorite website to earn money for searching the web and playing games. You can sign up on this website even if you are 13.  

Bing rewards- Bing rewards is a product of Microsoft, where you can earn money by searching the web and you will get rewards for that.

#8 Use your photography skill and get paid 

If you love photography and you're good at photography, then you can sell your photos online. You just have to click a good photo, the photo can be anything for eg Nature. 

Then edit your photo like a pro and then upload your photo in an online marketplace where people buy and sell photos. You will get paid when anybody downloads your photo. 

Recommended websites; 

Shutter stock- Shutter stock is the best place to sell your photos. They have a separate app for photographers and another one is for buyers. 

Istock- Istock is yet another website for selling your photos. 

#9 Start your gaming channel on twitch. tv 

Twitch. tv is growing very fastly, and it will grow more in the future because the gaming industry is growing very fastly. 

You just have to start your gaming channel on twitch, where you have to stream your gameplay.

You will earn money as your subscribers increase, and you will make money from ads, donations, and many more ways! 

I think if you're a teen then this will be your favorite job. This is one of the best ways to make money as a teen. 

Start your gaming channel now

#10 Create and sell your art

If you love painting then you should definitely try this method, you just have to draw paintings, as usual, then you can sell your paintings on social media, you can start your Instagram account and you can sell your craft there. 

You can sell your craft on different online marketplace, there are various websites where you can turn your craft into T-shirts, Mugs, etc. 

Always take time to decide the price of your craft, you can watch many videos about this topic.

Recommended website;

Artplode- Artplode takes a 60$ flat charge every time you're craft sold, so decide your're price correctly. 

#10 Get Paid to walk

If you are a teen then you can walk more in comparison to any age. Well, it’s 2021 and you can earn money for every step you walk. 

Many apps pay you for walking, you just have to shift your primary transportation to walking. Keep in mind that you will not become rich by this method. 

Recommended app; 

Sweat coin- Sweat coin is one of the best ways to earn money for walking. You just have to download this app and your steps will start counting. 

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#11 Start your own blog

If you are good at any particular topic then you can start your own blog where you have to write about your topic. It takes time to get money from your blog, but when you start earning money from it, then you will earn money even when you are sleeping. 

Did you know some bloggers make millions of dollars per year, you just have to work hard in your starting time but when your blog starts getting traffic then you’re ready for becoming a millionaire!

You can start your blog even without investment, but I recommend this method only when you want to learn to blog. If you want to go to the paid version then I suggest you should build your website on WordPress

For free version

Go to Blogger 

#12 Use your writing skill

If you have a creative mind and writing skills then you can write for different companies. Companies are always in search of writers they don't see your age and they just see your skill. 

You can become a freelance writer and offer your writing service to different companies. You don't have to write only an article you can offer different writing services also like translation, transcription, etc. 

Moreover, there are some websites that offer to write for their website and you will earn according to your traffic. 

Recommended websites;

Hubpages- Hubpages is one of the highest paying websites that pay you for writing, you can easily create your account here and can start your writing career.   

Fiverr- Fiver is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces, where you can offer your writing service and get paid for that. 


Now I will tell you some offline work, which means I will suggest you some physical work. If you are looking for physical work then please read the below content. 


#13 Walk Dogs 

Walking dogs is my favorite job when it comes to physical jobs, many dog owners are always looking for people who can walk their dogs, and they are ready to pay for that. 

Try to contact people who have dogs, you can search in your neighborhood. 

#14 Babysitting 

Babysitting is the best job for those who love children, you have to take care of your client child. Again you can search in your neighborhood or you can search in your relatives. 

Once you provide a good experience to your client then he/she will definitely share about you in their relationship. You can decide your charges for every hour or you can set a fixed amount. 

#15 Wash cars

Many people don’t like to wash their car, and hence they are always looking for paid service, And this paid service can be offered from you. You can offer paid service to your Parents, friends or your relatives. 

I suggest you deliver the best service to your clients because this business only grows if you deliver good service. 

#16 Rent your stuff and make money

One of my friends is making good money by renting his video games to other teens. He charges 3$ per hour to their clients and he is making 50$ per week. I am not saying to do the same, you can rent any stuff which you like. 

You can rent books, video games, any sports items like Basketball, etc.

Conclusion: Online jobs for Teens

 So I hope you have learned how you can make money as a teenager! But you know this is the easy part! 

The hard part is starting making money as a teenager, these jobs which I have mentioned above are good to kickstart. If you know about any different jobs for teens let me know! I will try to add that job to this post. 

If you found this post valuable and informable then please share it with your friends, I will be very happy if you do it. 

15 online jobs for teens

15 Proven ways to make money for Teens

I suggest you test different methods to make money and stick with the method which you like. I don’t recommend you to stick with many ways, I suggest two or three methods at once. 

I hope you like this post. I'm trying to help as many people as possible by giving various methods to make money as a teenager, but if you help me by sharing this post, then I can help more people. 

All the best! Go ahead. 

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