16 online jobs that pay weekly


Now everyone wants a side income to manage their day-to-day expenses. As technology is rising, online earning opportunities are also increasing. Online jobs are a bit risky also, as many fraud companies are present on the internet. 

I have listed 15+ online jobs that pay weekly, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can do this job from your home and you can work whenever you have free time. 

Some websites pay you daily and some pay you weekly. So are you ready to earn up to 500$ every week without going anywhere?


#1 Survey Junkie 

Survey junkie is one of the easiest to do work, you just have to complete a survey, watch videos you can earn up to 40$ for each survey that you complete. The surveys are easy and convince, you can complete their surveys within 20 minutes. 

You will get paid via PayPal, their minimum withdrawal limit is only 10$ which you can complete easily.

Join Survey Junkie

#2 Life Points

Life point is yet another legit website where users get paid for participating in market research. Life points give you 20 to 100 points for each survey you complete.

25 Points is equal to 1$, you can earn money by different methods like referring friends, testing different products, and many more offers are there to make money in Life points. 

Sign up for Life Points

#3 Minds Pay 

Minds Pay is one of the highest paying survey websites, they give up to 50$ for each survey. They give you 3$ as a sign-up bonus, their survey takes less than 15 minutes to complete. 

You can complete other offers which pay up to 75$, it’s a big amount as you just have to give your 20 minutes.

You can earn 0.50$ by reading paid emails, and you will earn a good amount by completing different offers.

You don’t have to work hard as labor to get rewards from this website. 

Sign up for Minds Pay

#4 Rover 

If you love pets and animals then you can make a lot of money. This job is becoming popular day by day, as this work is very easy especially if you are a pet lover. And who doesn’t want to earn money for doing what you love, 

Rover connects you with pet owners, who are looking for any type of help like dog walking, overnight pet sitting, dog boarding, or any type of help. You can set your own rules, your price. 

You can charge 25$ for overnight pet sitting, you can change your price according to your area. You will be paid within 2 days or even within hours. I suggest you handle one dog at a time because multiple dogs can irritate you. 

Join Rover become Petsitter 

#5 Respondent

Respondent pays for participating studies, you can earn up to 100$ for completing each study. I also use this website to make some extra bucks. According to my this is the best market research company. 

You will earn 20$ for each successful refer, You will get paid via PayPal within 10 days, So if you don’t have a PayPal account, create your PayPal account now. 

Join Respondent

#6 User testing 

Testing websites and apps are the best way to make side income! User testing provides the same thing, you just have to sign up for user testing and you have to complete projects that are listed on User testing. 

You just have to visit websites and apps and you have to share your experience in the form of audio. You will get a minimum 10$ for testing the website and testing the app. The more the test you complete the more you earn. 

Sign up for User testing

#7 Virtual Assistant 

Virtual Assistant is growing very fastly, if you think virtual assistant is a job then you are wrong! You can set up your own virtual assistant business also. 

There are many companies to help you set up your virtual assistant business, they will teach you how much you have to charge, where you will find customers, how to start your business, etc.

If you want to do some practice then you can do a job as a virtual assistant a Part-time, beginner Virtual assistant charges minimum of 9$ per hour. 

#8 Proofreading Pal

If you are good at proofreading then you can join Proofreading Pal. Proofreading is growing fastly and it is rising consistently. 

Proofreader earns an average 30000$ per annum, I know many people who are making huge amounts of money. Proofreader jobs are always in demand so there is no wrong time to start a Proofreading job. 

If you want to grow in Proofreading then you must have to start learning about Proofreading, you can learn for free with the help of Google, or you can learn from any course. 

Sign up on the proofreading Pal for Proofreading Jobs

#9 Verbilio 

If you are good at Freelancing writing, then you can grow your career as a writer. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for writers is expected to grow 10% by 2024. 

You can sign up on different freelancing marketplace and can offer your service and can charge a fixed amount from your clients. 

You can sign up on the Verbilio only if you are a U.S citizen, they pay 8$ to 70$ for each post you write for them. You will get your Payments via PayPal in a weekly manner. 

#10 Ibotta 

Ibotta pays you for spending money. Whatever you buy with Ibotta, you will earn some cashback which you can withdraw in different forms.  

If you are addicted to online shopping then this is one of the best ways to make money by shopping online and again you don’t have to go anywhere, It means this is also an online job! 

Sign up on the Ibotta

#11 Slicethepie

What will be your reaction if I say you can earn money by listening to music? If you think this impossible then you are wrong, it happens.

Slicethepie pays for listening to music and reviewing music. You just have to listen to music and you have to write a review about that. Don’t cheat with them, always write a review that is honest and detailed, they are very strict with their guidelines.  

You, Will, be Paid every Tuesday and Thursday via PayPal.

Sign up Slicethepie

#12 Transcribe me

Transcription is a method of converting audio or video files into different forms. You don’t have to go anywhere, you can do this work from your home. Many big companies are always looking for Transcriber. 

Even if you don’t have any experience you can start working and can earn a good amount of money.

 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income of full-time transcriptionists is $45K/year and $65K/year for legal transcriptionists. 

You can sign up to transcribe me for getting a job, you just have to convert audio files in different forms. They pay you 20$ for completing any work, and if they are satisfied with your work, they can give you 2$ as a reward.

Sign up on the transcribe me

#13 Nestle 

Yes, you are thinking right! Nestle is a multinational company that is always looking for people who can do work from home jobs, Majority of their work from home jobs are customer executives. 

You just have to keep an eye on their careerthey are ready to Pay up to 15$ per hour. This is not a bad amount I think, as it will highlight your resume, which will be very helpful in the future. 

#14 Fusion cash

Fusion cash is yet another amazing website, but this is only for Americans. You can earn money by completing surveys, watching videos, reading Paid emails, and more.

You will get a 5$ sign-up bonus when you complete your profile, make sure you verify your email-id. 

You must have 25$ to withdraw your money in different forms. 

Sign up for Fusion cash

#15 Pinecone research 

Pinecone Research is a leading company that provides consumer insights to different companies. But if you want to join this website you must have a special invitation. 

You will receive points for each completed survey! You will get mail whenever a survey is available in your account. 

Sometimes, they will send you a product to test, too.

Sign up for the Pinecone research

#16 Tutor. me 

Want to become a tutor, then tutor. me can help you to earn money by teaching students. They hire teachers even the teacher don't have any experience. 

Their pay rates are also good, you just have to create your account and start teaching students. You must have a laptop or desktop and strong internet connectivity to signup.

Want to know about more online teaching sites then read this blog post 15 best online tutor jobs  



So as you know technology is rising everyday and hence the earning opportunities are also increasing. 

If you have any confusion or any question, you can comment below. I will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

No one wants to depend on a single source of income! Every person wants a second source of income to get more to spend more. 

If you like this blog post then please recommend it to others. Let me know which method you are going to use first? I hope you will find success in whatever you do!

15 online jobs

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