15+ Best apps that pay you to walk

Have you ever thought of being paid to walk? If you think it is not possible, then I just want to correct you that now it is possible! You have to do nothing, you just have to walk to get paid!

Everyone knows walking is beneficial to keep our body healthy and if anyone is ready to pay you for walking then who will refuse this offer. 

These apps will not make you rich, however, you will earn extra bucks that might help you. Whether you want motivation for walking or you want to earn money these app helps you in both. 

I have listed 16 apps that pay you to walk which you can use for free! All these apps are available in the Play Store and App Store. 

Apps that pay you to walk

 1. Sweat coin 

Sweat coin is one of the oldest and high paying apps that pay you for walking. They reward you with their own cryptocurrency called 'Sweatcoin' which you can change in cash. 

They have two plans, in their free plan you can earn a maximum of 5 coins in a day and if you upgrade your account you can earn a maximum of 10 coins. 

Sweatcoin pays you for walking outside, and to count your steps they open the GPS of your phone. When you walk 1000 steps you will be rewarded with 0.95 coins. 

Keep in mind you will not be rewarded for walking in your home and running on the treadmill. You must have 20000 coins that are equal to 1000$ to withdraw your money.

You can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or various gift cards.

Sign up Sweatcoin

2. Achievement

Achievement not only pays for walking, but they also pay you for doing various exercises. They pay you for running, playing, or any other exercise. 

They give you 6 extra points for giving some details like your weight, your height, etc. You can earn a maximum of 80 points every day by just reporting your exercise details. 

Their 10000 points are equivalent to 10$ which means for every 1000 points is equal to 1$. Their minimum payout is 10$, if you earn maximum points every day it will take approx 4 months to reach the minimum payout. 

You can donate your money to charity or you can withdraw your money via PayPal in the form of cash. 

You can earn extra points by participating in health-related surveys, You will get 100 points when you refer anyone. 

3. Stepbet

Stepbet is a bit different from other apps, Here you have to bet on your health goals, So it involves some risk. If you think you can complete your goals then you should use this app. 

Also, the fear of losing money can force you to complete your goal, you have to complete your goals every week for consecutive six weeks. 

Stepbet calculates your current fitness level and provides your goal, when you reach your goal you will make extra money. You must have to bet 40$ on your goal, step bet can help you to complete your new year fitness resolution. 

Download Stepbet

4. Charity Miles

Charity miles doesn't pay you for walking, instead of that, you can donate money to your favorite charity. 

You have to choose your favorite charity(where you want to donate money) and start walking, all the money which you earn will be donated to your favorite charity. 

Unlike other apps that work in the background, this app doesn't work in the background. So you have to keep open while you are walking.

They count your indoor steps and you will get a soft copy of the certificate which you can share with your friends. 

They have donated more than 2750000$ to different charities. It's a good chance for you to donate to charities without spending any money from your purse! 

5. Runtopia

Runtopia records the real-time data of your exercise and running data. They give you audio guidance to make your exercise and workout more efficient. 

Runtopia gives you coins which you can change into various gifts like PayPal, gift cards, fitness gear, and more. You can change 6999 points for 10$ Paypal cash. 

You can set your goal and whenever you complete your goal you will get audio alerts. 

Download Runtopia

6. Lympo

Lympo is an interesting app, they don't pay you for walking instead of this they regularly add contest which you can join, and if you win you will earn a token. 

You will earn 'LYM' coins which hold real monetary value, you can change these coins in different gifts. They also give various products. 

LYM coin is a type of virtual currency you can see the price of this coin here. They have paid over $401,635.62 to their users. Additionally, you will get 50 coins when you refer anyone. 

Install Lymcoin

7. Pk Rewards 

Pk rewards pay you for doing every exercise, If you're moving you will earn points! 

If you want your steps to calculate correctly, then whenever you do exercise open this app and click on the start button so your all efforts get calculated. 

They also give you an effort score, keep in mind your effort score is calculated on your workout the more you work more you get. 

You can redeem your coins in different discount codes and gift cards. 

Check out PK rewards

8. Life coin

Life coin is yet another free app that pays you for walking. 

Life coin is something the same as sweatcoin, you will earn life coin only when you walk outdoors and you can earn a maximum of 5 coins every day.

When you walk 1000 outdoor steps you will get 11 coins, if you want to upgrade your membership you have to pay 4.33$/month. 

You can use your coins to get rewards such as PayPal cash, gift cards from different retailers. 

Download Life coin

9. Healthy wage 

Healthy wages didn't pay you for walking, they pay you for losing your weight. They will ask some questions from you like your weight your height etc. 

Once you complete their question series your winning amount will be displayed on your screen which you get if you reach the goal. 

You have to bet an amount on yourself, if you complete your goal you will get your bet amount back additionally you will earn some more money. 

Remember if you didn't complete your goal you will lose your winning amount. 

Sign up on Healthy wage

10. Walgreen balance rewards 

If you shop at Walgreen then you may know about this service. If you don't know about this service let me give you the details of this service. 

Walgreen gives you points when you walk and the points which you earned can be redeemed in Walgreen stores.  

To get started you have to connect this app with a fitness tracker, when you walk 1 mile you will get 20 points. 

You can earn a maximum of 1000 points in a month, if you want to earn more points you can report your basic health details. 

You can redeem your 1000 points which is equivalent to 1$ in Walgreen stores. You should use this website if you shop in Walgreen stores. 

 You must be a U.S citizen if you want to sign up.

Learn more about Walgreen balance rewards

11. Higi 

Higi is something beyond an application that pays for walking. 
It connects you with a fitness tracker and other health apps that are available on your phone. 

Higi rewards you for walking, running, or doing exercise. they have different time periods challenges some completes in a month or some completes within a day. 

Higi didn't give you cash as rewards, they give you discounts on various products, you can also donate your money to charities. 

12. Rover

If you like dogs then this is the best way to monetize your steps. 
You just have to signup as a walker on their website and once your account is created, rover connects you with people who are looking for a dog walker. 

You can earn up to 20$ in just 30 minutes, plus if you are using any other above apps then also your steps will count and you earn from both sides. 

With rover you can fix your own price, you can choose with what types of dogs you want to walk. You can mark yourself unavailable when you don't have time. It's as simple as you think!

Join Rover

13. Yodo

Yodo not only pays for walking, but they also have a different page that helps to improve your health. You can check your heartbeat with this app. 

Yodo has app inbuilt pedometer which counts your step, so you don't need to connect your phone with any other health app. This app works in the background. 

Your 1500 steps are equal to 300 points, the user-interface of this app is very good. 

There are many more features of this app that I haven't mention so check out yodo

14. Fit for bucks

Fit for bucks didn't pay you in the form of cash, they give you small and physical rewards like a free cup of coffee in your local store. 

After downloading this app you can choose to running, walking or any other exercise. You have to connect this app with a fitness tracker and you are ready to go! 

You can look at their faq page for more information first read their faq then signup. 

 15. Optimity

Optimity was previously known as carrot rewards, optimity has relaunched their app because they were shut down in 2019. 

However, optimity is still in beta that’s why they don’t have many rewards but I hope soon they will add more rewards. You can earn more points by playing quizzes and walking. 

You can earn points by referring your friends and your family members, as I mentioned above that they don’t have many rewards so you can hold your points until they add rewards. 

16. Way better

Way better app is the same as step bet, here also you have to bet in yourself and if you complete your goal you will win or if you didn't complete your goal you will lose.

They start a new game every week, they have games for everyone for beginner, as well as for advanced. They have a rating of 4.7 on play store, and their user interface is also very good.

Download Way better

Best apps that pay you to walk
15 apps that pay you to walk

Are you ready to get paid for walking - Last words

So these are the best 16 apps that pay you to walk, that you can download, and can make extra money without effort! 

You will not become rich by using this app but as I mentioned above why not earn money by doing what you do every day! 

You should join as many apps as you can to increase your earnings, also share these apps with your fiend so you both can earn. 

If you know any other app that pays you to walk, let me know and also which app you are going to use or which apps. 

If you loved this post then don't forget to recommend this to your loved ones and your friends.